MLB NY Yankees Yankee Game Recaps 2020

5 Takeaways from Yankees Doubleheader (Games 10 & 11 of 2020)

The New York Yankees would find themselves in Philadelphia to take on the Phillies. Today’s games would be in a standard doubleheader format that split home duties. And therefore, we will expand our takeaways to five for today’s doubleheader action. So let’s get into it.

Takeaway #1: 7 Inning Doubleheaders??? 

Right off the bat, let me say that I understand the premise behind such a decision. It’s meant to speed up the games by cutting them shorter. It’s also meant to limit the amount of time players are around their teammates and in the ballpark itself. However, it is a terrible idea. The idea of playing seven innings in a baseball game sounds like little league. Playing a mere seven innings is not the number of innings expected from a Major League contest. Thankfully, this is only supposed to be for the shortened 2020 season, and not beyond because this would violate the sanctity of baseball.

Takeaway #2: Bronx Bombers Keep Fighting

During the first game of the doubleheader, the Yankees would fall early and be down 11-3 at one point. However, as the game progressed, the Yankees would keep fighting and battle their way back into the game. The final score of game one would be 11-7, but the tying run was standing in the on-deck circle. There were terrible calls from both homeplate umpires against both teams. The Yankees battled throughout both games and would split the doubleheader.

Takeaway #3: Aaron Judge for MVP

Despite having his consecutive game homerun streak foiled in Monday night’s game, the Yankees slugging right fielder delivered another monster homerun. Thus far, in eleven games, Aaron Judge has a slashline of .314/.385/.886 with six homeruns and 14 RBIs. As long as Judge stays healthy for the full sixty games, we can see him capture the AL MVP.

Takeaway #4: What’s Wrong with Gary Sanchez

Now, we covered this on a previous installment of the 2020 Yankees’ season recaps. However, it continues to remain a puzzling question. Timing for a hitter is of the utmost importance. And Gary Sanchez is clearly in-between on his timing. Sanchez is a streaky kind of player, the type that can carry a team for a month or be lost for a month. With a shortened season, the Yankees are not in a position to truly let Gary struggle long-term. Currently, the Bronx Bombers are capable of absorbing his offensive woes because, overall, the team is rolling. But for the Yankees to be ultimately successful (i.e., win the World Series), they will need Gary Sanchez, the offensive juggernaut.

Takeaway #5: JA Looks Happ-Less

Let’s start by saying that it’s early on for pitchers and hitters alike. But every with a slight pass, JA Happ is not pitching well in 2020. Across seven innings of work, Happ has an ERA of 10.29, where he’s given up eight runs, three homers, and walked eight while only striking out three. In today’s game against Philadelphia, Happ pitched just a mere three innings while giving up four earned runs and walking SIX. Happ is searching for his release point, and that is evident in the number of walks handed out on the early campaign. And while not an elite pitcher anymore, JA Happ is crucial to the Yankees success in 2020 and will need to straighten himself out. But again, it’s not time to panic as it is just seven innings in two starts.

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