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3 Takeaways from Yankees 9th Game of 2020

The New York Yankees would return to the field to take on the Philadelphia Phillies. This game was initially set for last week, but with the Miami Marlins COVID-19 outbreak reshuffling the schedule, it was played tonight. So as we have, we will bring our three biggest takeaways from tonight’s contest.

Takeaway #1: Gerrit Cole is Elite

Tonight would be Gerrit’s third start of the shortened young season. And watching Gerrit pitch, it was clear that Cole was battling and searching for consistency from his pitches. (And from the home-plate umpire’s strike zone.) But despite those minor struggles, Cole delivered six strong innings giving up just one run on a homer to Jay Bruce. All the while, Gerrit struck out four and only walked one on five hits. The Yankees paid a pretty penny to sign Gerrit Cole, but he is proving with each start why he was worth the money.

Takeaway #2: Gio Urshela Becoming a Force

When the Yankees acquired Gio Urshela, he was seen as a glove only player. But since that time, the Yankee coaches changed Gio’s swing mechanics, and it has changed him as a player. Gio Urshela has maintained his elite glove but has now also added in a potent bat. Over the last four games, Urshela has 9 RBIs on 7-15 (H/AB). The emergence of Urshela as an offensive force as relegated Miguel Andújar to a backup role player. Gio Urshela is fortifying his position with the Yankees with every passing game.

Takeaway #3: Yankees are Rolling

One of the biggest takeaways from the season as a whole, not just this particular game, is how well the Yankees are playing. New York currently possesses the best record in the Majors. And while under a regular season, we wouldn’t bother mentioning a record with less than ten games. This isn’t a normal season. The Yankees sit atop MLB with an 8-1 record with a winning streak of seven games. After the Yanks’ next game, they will have played a sixth of the season. And while maintaining their current pace will be difficult, it is possible for a team of this caliber.

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