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3 Takeaways from Yankees 8th Game of 2020

The New York Yankees closed out their home-opening series tonight with the Boston Red Sox. New York would finish off the sweep of the Red Sox with a 9-7 victory. So in this piece, we bring you the three big takeaways from the Yankees 8th game of the 2020 season.

Takeaway #1: Aaron Judge the Bronx Bomber

In tonight’s game, the Yankees right fielder would deliver not one but two monstrous homeruns. Aaron would be responsible for five of the Yankees’ nine runs scored. Tonight’s homeruns by Aaron Judge also marked the first time since 2007, and Alex Rodriguez, that a Yankee would hit a homerun in five straight games. In our 2020 season predictions piece, we predicted Judge would hit 20 plus homeruns. Yet, at this pace, he will approach thirty and an MVP award.

Takeaway #2: Better but Not Quite Sanchez

The start of the shortened 60-game season has not been kind to Gary Sanchez. The Yankees’ backstop is struggling to find his timing at the plate. Now, over the past two games against Boston, Gary has two hits bringing his batting average to a poultry .091. This isn’t the Gary Sanchez we are used to seeing, especially in the month of August. For the Yankees to be successful, even in a shortened season, they will need that overwhelmingly potent bat that Sanchez possesses. So while two hits coming out of the Boston Red Sox series is better. It’s not quite the Gary Sanchez we are used to seeing.

Takeaway #3: What’s Going on with James Paxton

When the Yankees traded for James Paxton, he was set to be a 1-A to Luis Severino. And outside of a glimmer in the second half of 2019, Paxton has struggled. James is facing a walk year, and at times free agency can weigh on a player and make him react tentatively. Paxton is facing struggles through his first two starts. The first issue is that his velocity is down. The usually hard-throwing lefty that sits with his fastball between 96-98 is down to 90-93. And while that speed difference may not seem like much, it makes a massive difference to hitters.

The second issue that James Paxton seems to be dealing with appears to be almost a “dead arm” scenario. Pitchers usually face some sort of dead arm period towards the beginning of the season. And it seems as if that’s what Paxton is presently dealing with in his first two starts of 2020. James Paxton is crucial to the Yankees rotation and therefore, must be straightened out before his next start.

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