MLB NY Yankees Yankee Game Recaps 2020

3 Takeaways from Yankees 5th Game of 2020

The New York Yankees revised early-season scheduled continued tonight against Baltimore. The Yankees dominated the Orioles last night with a 9-3 victory. So tonight, we continue with our three biggest takeaways from the fifth game of the Yankees 2020 season.

Takeaway #1: JA Happ Begins Season with Struggles

The Yankees have had their schedule change due to the Marlins COVID-19 outbreak. However, the most significant aspect of the alteration is the change in the rotation. Pitchers are creatures of habit, and when that routine is disrupted, they aren’t the same. JA Happ was not sharp early during this outing against the Orioles. The Yankees would give Happ a lead, and JA would squander the edge and let the O’s back into the game. JA Happ is going to be an essential part of the Yankees pitching staff. (Especially with the season-ending injury to Luis Severino.)

Takeaway #2: Gleyber Removed

The Baltimore Orioles were unsuccessful in their efforts against Gleyber Torres during 2019. Gleyber hit 13 homeruns against the Orioles last season. Now, we aren’t saying that the Orioles intentionally threw at Gleyber, but Torres was hit in the elbow. Torres would stay in the game following the Hit by Pitch in the first inning. In the bottoms of the fourth, following a deep flyout, Gleyber was removed from the game. At the time of this writing, nothing was stated about the health of Gleyber’s elbow. But it’s safe to assume Torres will receive at least a few days off to recover. And (we) Yankee fans must pray that it’s something minor.

Takeaway #3: Face of the Yankees

The New York Yankees would find themselves down by a run heading into the ninth inning. But as the inning unfolded, the lineup rotated and would bring Aaron Judge to the plate. Aaron Judge would come to the plate with two runners on base. And as the at-bat unfolded, the Yankees slugging outfielder would deliver a huge three-run homerun. This would give the Yankees a two-run victory over the lowly Baltimore Orioles.

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