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3 Takeaways from Yankees Game 4 in 2020

The New York Yankees returned to action tonight against the Baltimore Orioles, after a brief stoppage due to the Miami Marlins COVID-19 outbreak. (The Yankees original opponents were the Philadelphia Phillies. And Baltimore was set to face the Marlins.) So the retooling of the schedule placed the Yankees in Baltimore for a two-game set. And for this piece, we continue our three biggest takeaways from the Yankees fourth game in the 2020 season.

Takeaway #1: Even at Unsharpest, Gerrit Cole Delivers

The Yankees $324 Million Man was brought in to be the ace of the staff. And while some may look at the box score and say Cole gave up three runs to Baltimore, the actual game looked very different. It was clear that Gerrit Cole did not have his best stuff. Cole’s command was a tick off. And it was clear when Gerrit pitched to the edges, as pitches fell off without hitting the intended targets. However, despite playing against the Orioles and the ever so slight control issues, Gerrit pitched a strong outing. For the Yankees to be successful in their goal of winning the World Series, Gerrit Cole is crucial to that success and mission. The mission statement is simple “Win Everything!” and Gerrit Cole gives the Yankees that opportunity every start.

Takeaway #2: Judge Smashes #1

Four games aren’t enough of a sample size to proclaim Aaron Judge is in the midst of a slump, especially starting a season. But when you are 6’7″ and 270 plus pounds, certain things are going to be expected from you as a player. And for Aaron Judge, that means homeruns. Tonight, Aaron delivered a big homerun to get his season underway and begin his ascent to the AL MVP. It will be an arduous march to the AL MVP, but Aaron Judge is poised and ready to bring an MVP and, more importantly, a World Series trophy home to the Bronx, where it belongs.

Takeaway #3: Yankees Continue Obliteration of Orioles

The New York Yankees have always had a propensity for success at Yankee Stadium South. (Aka Orioles Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore.) The Yankees domination of the Orioles continued as the Bronx Bombers would win 9-3. This victory signaled the 17th straight victory for New York against Baltimore. But it would also represent the 16th consecutive victory at Camen Yards. Baltimore isn’t going to be a team that competes in 2020 for a World Series. It’ll likely take at least half a decade for the O’s to crawl somewhat out of obscurity in the AL East. (And that’s a friendly timetable, it easily could take longer.) So the Yankees domination continues, and they will face them tomorrow night once again.

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