MLB NY Yankees Yankee Game Recaps 2020

3 Takeaways from Yankees Game 3 in 2020

The New York Yankees were flat during game two of the 2020 regular season. However, in-game three, the Yankees looked better as the game went along. So we continue our coverage on the New York Yankees 2020 season with our three big takeaways from game three.

Takeaway #1: Gleyber Got Going

Through the first two games of the season, Gleyber Torres was pressing at the plate. Gleyber would have good at-bats, including two singles and a solo homerun. For the Yankees to be successful in their mission to “Win Everything,” Gleyber is essential. Watching the Yankee shortstop during today’s game, we would see a much more confident hitter who possessed a solid approached and didn’t chase. Gleyber Torres is going to be analyzed and scrutinized, but he can quiet the doubters with assisting the Yankees to win the World Series.

Takeaway #2: Yankees Battle Back

A key takeaway from Game two of the 2020 season was the fact that the Yankees played flat. The Bronx Bombers would miss opportunities to advance runners and take advantage of the Nationals five errors. Today’s game, however, the Yankees would capitalize a bit better. The Nationals starter Patrick Corbin was in control for 6.1 innings before surrendering a solo homerun to Gleyber. And quickly after that, another Bronx Bombers (Luke Voit) would blast another solo homer. Given the lackluster performance in game two of the series, the Yanks battle to a 3-2 victory in the finale, winning the series.

Takeaway #3: Yankees Bullpen is Dominant

The calling card for the New York Yankees over the last few seasons has been their bullpen. Relief pitching has been placed at a premium level over the last half-decade and will likely continue to grow in focus. This season there is a new rule in effect about relief pitchers and their usage. Each reliever must face a minimum of three batters before they can be replaced. This ruling doesn’t affect the Yankees the same way because of the quality of their relievers. New York’s bullpen is stacked with pitchers capable of facing righty and lefty batters. The Yankees’ bullpen is also loaded with relief aces, something that many other teams can’t boast. And in this game, the Yankee bullpen delivered as expected.

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