MLB NY Yankees Yankee Game Recaps 2020

3 Takeaways from Yankees 2020 Game 2

The New York Yankees came out flat, leading to a 9-2 loss to the Washington Nationals. So we continue our essential takeaways series from the Yankees games this season. Thus without further ado, we present our three takeaways from game number two for the New York Yankees 2020 season.

Takeaway #1: James Paxton & (Most of ) the Bullpen Didn’t Have It

From the outset of the ballgame, the Yankees starting pitcher, James Paxton, seemed off and unable to locate the baseball. A pitcher like Paxton can blow the fastball by hitters, but control is essential. And during this contest, the command was absent to the Yankee left-hander.

Following Paxton (5), relievers Michael King (4), Jonathan Holder (2), Ben Heller (1), and Luis Avilan (1) would all surrender runs. The Yankees are known for their bullpen, and while the aces of the pen would not pitch in this game, the Yankees’ coaching staff can not be pleased. The Yankees will need to straighten out the middle relief section of the bullpen if they have any hopes of winning the World Series in 2020.

Takeaway #2: All-Around Shoddy DefenseĀ 

While the scorecard may indicate only two errors, the Yankees defense was dismal. The Yankees defense is usually a strong asset for the team. However, in this game, the players seemed flat and unable to stay alert on the field. Players were diving for balls that they couldn’t catch and miss playing balls that they should have gotten. Tonight’s game was likely a lapse in judgment and due to the lack of opportunities with the late-season start. That being said, if the Bronx Bombers are serious about their mission to “win everything,” it will take a much better defensive effort tomorrow for the series finale.

Takeaway #3: Missing Drive lead to Missed Opportunities

One thing that was evident from the very beginning was the lack of drive from the Yankees. When the Yanks are playing well, they have an undeniable fire. The Bronx Bombers lineup flows like a dam when the floodgates break. However, on this night, the Yankees were kept relatively quiet, scoring just two runs on seven hits.

Just to provide some context, during the rain-shortened five-inning game on Thursday, the Yankees put up four runs on six hits. Tonight in a full nine-inning game, the Yankees managed the aforementioned two runs on seven hits. Yes, this is just the second game of the season and nowhere near the time to panic or call for a team meeting. But the Yankees missed easy opportunities to capitalize on the Nationals FIVE ERRORS. The Bombers would leave a whopping nine runners on base. The final of this series culminates tomorrow with the elusive TBD (pitcher) to face off with Patrick Corbin. New York will want to come out hot to erase the sting of this lousy defeat.

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