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Predicting MLB’s American League Awards 2020

The 2020 MLB season finally begins tonight. And every season there are a number of awards that are handed out at seasons’ end. So with that in mind, we present our picks for the 2020 American League Award winners.  

The awards that will be predicted will be the standard year-end awards of MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year. As well as each position’s Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winners. And as fans of Major League Baseball, make up your own predictions and see how many predictions you get correct at the end of the season. We will list the players for each section. And as this is merely a speculative list no stats or overall analysis will be given.

Side Note: Both leagues will find themselves with the Designated Hitter rule being implemented. Which is something that I have long been hoping would become permanent. You can check out our Baseball Case Study on YouTube about the DH Rule. Or you can also check out any one of three articles we have previously penned on the topic. (Debating the DH, To DH or Not to DH; That is the Question,3 Reasons Universal DH Stays after 2020)

Silver Sluggers

Catcher: Gary Sanchez – New York Yankees
First Base: Carlos Santana – Cleveland Indians
Second Base: Jose Altuve – Houston Astros
Third Base: Alex Bregman- Houston Astros
Shortstop: Francisco Lindor – Cleveland Indians
Left Field: Luis Robert – Chicago White Sox
Center Field: Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Right Field: Aaron Judge – New York Yankees
Designated Hitter: JD Martinez – Boston Red Sox

Gold Glove Winners

Catcher: Martin Maldonado – Houston Astros
First Base: Matt Olson – Oakland Athletics
Second Base: Cesar Hernandez – Cleveland Indians
Third Base: Matt Chapman – Oakland Athletics
Shortstop: Andrelton Simmons – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Left Field: Brett Gardner – New York Yankees
Center Field: Aaron Hicks – New York Yankees
Right Field: Aaron Judge – New York Yankees
Pitcher: Zack Greinke – Houston Astros

Rookie of the Year: Luis Robert – Chicago White Sox

Manager of the Year: Aaron Boone – New York Yankees

Cy Young: Gerrit Cole – New York Yankees 

Most Valuable Player: Aaron Judge – New York Yankees

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