3 Key Series for Cubs in 2020

Usually, the MLB season is spoken about as a grind, like a marathon. But the 2020 season is going to be a strange one for the Cubs and every team. This season will be a full out 60-game sprint to the finish line for a championship opportunity. So it’s with that in mind that we present the three key series for the Chicago Cubs in 2020.

Key Series #1: 7 of 10 at Home against Brewers

The Chicago Cubs are a team that has all the makings of a dynasty. After their 2016 World Series victory, the Cubs were expected to keep winning. With a shortened season where every game matters, having seven games at home against one of their rivals will give a significant advantage. The Milwaukee Brewers are going to be a tough team to beat, but with the Cubs having a slight boost by being at home can give the Cubbies the edge towards the division.

Key Series #2: 7 of 10 at Home against Cardinals

Likewise, the most significant rivals of the Cubs will face them at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field for seven of ten games. The Cubs are a team that will have nearly half of their most difficult divisional games coming at home. This type of bonus will place the Cubs ahead of their rivals. And if the Cubs can take win the majority of these games, the division is likely theirs to win.

Key Series #3: 7 of 10 on Road against Pirates in September

Now, contrarily, the Cubbies will face the Pirates for seven of ten games on the road. Playing on the road can be challenging. But given the fact that the Pirates are unlikely to be a threat, these games are likely going to be an easier opportunity for Chicago. The Chicago Cubs will have a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the road against the Pirates. And winning the majority of these games can give the Cubs an added level of separation in the National League Central Division.

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