3 Key Series for Padres in 2020

Usually, the MLB season is spoken about as a grind, like a marathon. But the 2020 season is going to be a strange one for the Padres and every team. This season will be a full out 60-game sprint to the finish line for a championship opportunity. So it’s with that in mind that we present the three key series for the San Diego Padres in 2020.

Key Series #1: 7 of 10 at Home against Diamondbacks

The San Diego Padres are a team that’s in a weird state. They are a team that is not in rebuilding mode but not yet genuinely viewed as a contender. So during this shortened season, the Padres will have a chance to take a gigantic step forward. Aiding them in that quest will be the fact that they will face a couple of their biggest threats in a lopsided home schedule. The Padres will face the Arizona Diamondbacks for ten games, seven of which will take place at Petco Park. Playing at home as we’ve documented in these three key series, series can play a beneficial factor. So for an up and coming Padres team, seven games at home against the DBacks will be a helping factor.

Key Series #2: 6 of 10 at Home against Dodgers

Likewise, the Friars will play the Los Angeles Dodgers at Petco six out of ten times. The Dodgers will be a difficult matchup for any team. But especially a young and inexperienced team like the Padres. The Padres will look to the few veterans on their team for guidance on how to progress. However, in 2020 we will be dealing with a season, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. And teams will have to look within themselves to find motivation. One such potential motivation is playing at home. While there won’t be fans in attendance, playing at one’s own ballpark can give a player a level of comfort. That comfort can also prove to be a relaxation factor. Being able to be comfortable and manage expectations will give the Padres a slight advantage over the Dodgers for six of ten games.

Key Series #3: 6 of 10 on Road against Giants

Now, on the flip side, the Padres will find themselves on the road of six of ten against the San Francisco Giants. The Giants aren’t likely to compete in 2020 for a World Series crown. But what makes this series against the Friars significant is that it will either help push the young Padres towards postseason contention or make them fall away from it. These two teams will probably not be given much faith in terms of dethroning the Dodgers. But the Padres can make some noise in the NL Wildcard race. And it will either be helped or hurt by playing six of ten games against the Giants on the road.

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