3 Key Series for Diamondbacks in 2020

Usually, the MLB season is spoken about as a grind, like a marathon. But the 2020 season is going to be a strange one for the Diamondbacks and every team. This season will be a full out 60-game sprint to the finish line for a championship opportunity. So it’s with that in mind that we present the three key series for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2020.

Key Series #1: 7 of 10 on Road against Padres

The Diamondbacks are probably the second-best team in the National League West Division. And with that, they will be facing off against teams beneath their station. But as we’ve said previously during this ongoing series, home games are an added benefit for teams. And the DBacks will be facing off against and up and coming San Diego Padres team for seven games in their house. The Diamondbacks are very much a sleeper pick for the National League postseason. They will undoubtedly have to get in via the NL Wildcard position as the Dodgers are likely the runaway division winners. But for Arizona, winning a majority of these games on the road will help them succeed.

Key Series #2: 7 of 10 at Home against Dodgers

Now, on the other hand, the Diamondbacks will have the odds flipped when they face off against the Dodgers. The DBacks will play ten games against the Dodgers, seven of which take place in Arizona. These mismatch in the schedule will give Arizona an ever so slight advantage in these matchups. However, the Dodgers will be a difficult club to face. Expect for this to be a competitive series, and whoever commands the lead in these seven games will likely be the NL West Division winner.

Key Series #3: 7 of 10 at Home against Rockies

The Arizona Diamondbacks find that their schedule is playing out in their favor. As arguably their two most significant threats in the NL West Division must face them in their home ballpark. Both the aforementioned Dodgers and now the Colorado Rockies will face the Diamondbacks at Chase Field for seven out of ten games. Again, playing at home gives a team a slight boost in terms of comfort and preparation. So the Diamondbacks will be able to control the environment. And if they can control the momentum, they can find themselves back in the postseason picture.


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