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3 Takeaways from Yankees vs Mets Summer Camp Game 2

With the Yankees back in training or aka “Summer Camp,” the Bronx Bombers are in preparation mode for the shortened 2020 season. So with that in mind, we will examine the three biggest takeaways from the second game of Summer Camp for the New York Yankees.

Takeaway #1: Aaron Judge Looks Ready for Monster Season

The idea of a shortened season can be somewhat confusing, especially when trying to postulate “season-ending” statistics for 60 games. However, what this game against the Mets signified rather clearly was that Aaron Judge looks ready. Aaron seems prepared to begin demolishing MLB pitching. The Yankees’ slugging outfield superstar would deliver two homeruns during the 6-0 victory.

The inception of the 2020 season starts for the Yankees on Thursday in DC, against the defending champion Washington Nationals. And based on tonight’s game Aaron Judge is ready.

Takeaway #2: Jordan Montgomery Fully Recovered

One thing that was apparent back in Spring Training was reaffirmed tonight during this Summer Camp outing, and that’s the fact that Jordan Montgomery is still dealing. During tonight’s outing, Monty pitched five scoreless innings with surrendering just two lone hits, walking one batter, while also striking out six. Jordan was likely going to be a lock for the fifth starter spot had the regular season progressed as usual. And the restart should be no different, Monty looks poised to rebound from his Tommy John Surgery with flying colors.

Takeaway #3: They’re the Bronx Bombers for a Reason

One thing was made very clear tonight the Yankees are the Bronx Bombers. All six runs scored on this night came via the homerun ball. There were two from Judge, one from Luke Voit, Giancarlo Stanton, and from Gary Sanchez. Also, if you add in the homerun from last night in Flushing, NY, by Clint Frazier and the Yanks are living up to the Bomber billing.

Homeruns have been a staple of the Yankees for a very long time, and tonight stamped that once again. The Yanks will look to continue that power this coming Thursday as the regular season commences. But for now, the Yankees and fans will have to watch the highlights from tonight to get the blood pumping.

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