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3 Key Series for Twins in 2020

Usually, the MLB season is spoken about as a grind, like a marathon. But the 2020 season is going to be a strange one for the Twins and every team. This season will be a full out 60-game sprint to the finish line for a championship opportunity. So it’s with that in mind that we present the three key series for the Minnesota Twins in 2020.

Key Series #1: 7 of 10 Games against White Sox in Chicago

The Minnesota Twins are going to be a favorite in 2020 because of a power-packed offense. The shortened season will give the Twins that opportunity to bludgeon teams more frequently, especially some of the lower teams in the Central Conference. However, the in-division rivalry with the Chicago White Sox will come at the cost of playing on the road for seven of those games. The Twins offense can rake at any ballpark, including Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago. But teams usually play better at home. So capturing victories in the majority of these seven games plus the three at home will serve the Twins a great advantage.

Key Series #2: August Lull

The Minnesota Twins are set to have a more relaxed August than some of their competitors. During August, the Twins will face the Kansas City Royals ten times. Minnesota playing all of their games against KC in August should give the Twins a significant boost in the middle of the season.

Key Series #3: Stellar Sleeper Series

The final series of the year for the Minnesota Twins will be a more challenging series that expected based on 2019 records. The Cincinnati Reds are a sneaky pick for postseason contention. And while the 2019 win records discrepancy were vast, 26 wins apart; the Reds will provide a fascinating series. The Twins are the better offensive team, but the Reds have a better starting rotation. Minnesota will likely find themselves competing for the AL Central crown in 2020. And a final series against the sleeper Cincinnati Reds to finish the campaign could aid their quest or upend their chances to make the playoffs once again.

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