3 Key Series for Orioles in 2020

Usually, the MLB season is spoken about as a grind, like a marathon. But the 2020 season is going to be a strange one for the Orioles and every team. This season will be a full out 60-game sprint to the finish line for a championship opportunity. So it’s with that in mind that we present the three key series for the Baltimore Orioles in 2020.

Key Series #1: Home & Home with Miami Marlins (July 27-30) 

The Baltimore Orioles were not expected to be contenders going into a regular 2020 season. And even considering the now shortened 60-game season, those odds still don’t improve much. Also, add in the fact that the Orioles are playing in arguably the most challenging conference (Eastern.) And add that every team (including the Marlins) finished with a better record than Baltimore in 2019, and it will not be easy sledding for the Orioles. That’s why this 4-game home and home series with Miami is vital for Baltimore.

Key Series #2: 10-Game Homestand (August 14th-23rd)

Every team that steps on the field is at a better advantage of playing in their home ballpark. Teams practice there and are comfortable with their surroundings. Thus the ten-game homestand in the middle of August will come at a very critical point for Baltimore. The Orioles will have the hardest schedule of all teams in Major League Baseball this season because they finished with the worst record in 2019. Playing at home should give the O’s a slight boost in their performance, and be the second biggest key “series” for the Orioles this season.

Key Series #3: Final Series against Blue Jays

The final series of the 2020 season will see the battle of the AL East birds, Toronto Blue Jays‘ versus these Baltimore Orioles. What makes this series so crucial for Baltimore is the same for Toronto; it comes against a less than .500 team. For Baltimore, however, it’s an even more crucial series. The closing month of September will see the O’s face the New York Mets four times, the Atlanta Braves three times, the Tampa Bay Rays four times, the Boston Red Sox three times, and the New York Yankees seven times. Finally, reaching the end of the month and the end of a likely very long 60-game season, the O’s will face the Blue Jays in a three-game set.

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