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Predicting AL East Team MVP for 2020

Every season in Major League Baseball, there seem to be new stars that emerge from each team, and every season has a different team MVP. (Unless it’s the Angels, then it’s ALWAYS Mike Trout.) So with that in mind, we present you with the NL East team’s MVP for the shortened 2020 season. Be sure to check out our previous entries of the 2020 Team MVPs. (AL West, AL Central, NL West, NL Central, NL East.)

New York Yankees: Tie (Gerrit Cole, Aaron Judge)

For the Yankees to be successful during this shortened season, they will rely on two men—one being the newly acquired $324 Million man, Gerrit Cole, and the second being the gentle giant in right field Aaron Judge. The Yankees will rely on Cole to dominate the front end of games with incredible pitching. While also relying on Aaron Judge to stay healthy and put up big numbers for the short season. Health will be the most significant factor for the Yankees, especially with the short season. But offensively and defensively, Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole are critical to the Yankees success as co-team MVP.

Tampa Bay Rays: Blake Snell

Tampa Bay has always done things a little differently when it comes to advancing the game. And with the 2020 season set to be the weirdest campaign ever expect the Rays to do even stranger things down in St. Pete. Blake is going to be relied upon to take a majority of the crucial innings for Tampa. This being awarded the Tampa Bay Rays team MVP for 2020.

Boston Red Sox: JD Martinez

When the Red Sox signed JD Martinez, he was an instant game-changer. And now, with the Red Sox having traded Mookie Betts to LA, the onus falls even more on the shoulders of JD. Going into 2020, the BoSox were going to have a tough path to another World Series, but in a 60-game sprint, a solid start can make everyone a contender. Having a veteran with an elevated hitting approach like JD in the dugout is like having another hitting coach. JD is, without a doubt, the most influential piece for the Red Sox and thus their 2020 team MVP.

Toronto Blue Jays: Bo Bichette

The young and up incoming Blue Jays are a sleeper pick with this shortened campaign. A hot start from their second-generation superstars gives Toronto an edge. And while Vladimir Guerrero Jr will likely receive a lot of the buzz, that man making the most impact will be Bo Bichette. The Toronto shortstop truly put himself on the forefront with his extra-base hit streak in 2019. And as 2020 gets underway, expect an even bigger showing for the Blue Jays’ 2020 team MVP, Bo Bichette.

Baltimore Orioles: Renato Núñez

Baltimore is set to struggle, now matter a regular-season or a shortened one, the O’s weren’t going to compete. However, that’s not to say there won’t be a reason to watch games from Baltimore. Renato Núñez is a dynamic competitor and is beginning to make inroads as a ballplayer. Núñez reminds me of Eugenio Suarez. And while it may be a bit early for the comp, 2020 will likely be the coming-out party for Renato Núñez.

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