Predicting NL East Team MVP for 2020

Every season in Major League Baseball, there seem to be new stars that emerge from each team, and every season has a different team MVP. (Unless it’s the Angels, then it’s ALWAYS Mike Trout.) So with that in mind, we present you with the NL East team’s MVP for the shortened 2020 season. Be sure to check out our previous entries of the 2020 Team MVPs. (AL West, AL Central, NL West, NL Central.)

Philadelphia Phillies: Bryce Harper

When it comes to MVP predictions, Bryce Harper is usually ignored by many baseball pundits. However, the lefty-swinging outfielder has put up some very good numbers over the years. While no season will stand out like 2015, Bryce is often overlooked and genuinely underrated. Now that statement may seem blasphemous given the man owns a $330 million contract. And also for the fact that many online baseball “critics” categorize Bryce as overrated.

But that’s simply not the case. Yes, his numbers may not be legendary every single season. But Harper puts his team in a position to win every time he steps on the field. And that’s never been more evident than in his $330 million contract. Bryce insisted on it being 13 years. And the reason was the keep the AAV down, thus allowing the Phillies to continue building a contender. Now in his second season in Philly, look for another stellar year from Bryce Harper.

Washington Nationals: Juan Soto

The reigning World Series Champion, Washington Nationals have one of the most dynamic young superstars in Major League Baseball. Juan Soto is a must watch at-bat in every Nats game. From the “Soto Shuffle” to his advanced 2-strike approach, this young man is a joy to watch. In 2020, Soto will be given an even more significant role for the champs, as well as more spotlight from fans and media. Soto will have more scrutiny this season but is poised to handle it. And Juan is primed to have an MVP caliber season in the Nation’s capitol.

Atlanta Braves: Freddie Freeman

The Atlanta Braves’ first baseman, Freddie Freeman has quietly put up a solid career. And because he’s played his career in Atlanta, casual fans may not understand precisely the value Freddie Freeman possesses. But as the 2020 season begins, Braves Nation will vouch for the superstar talent that resides in Atlanta. The Braves will need Freeman to be their team MVP for them to make it to the postseason during this “sprinted” season.

New York Mets: Pete Alonso

The rookie homerun king, Pete Alonso, put on a monster showing to take hold of that mantle. However, 2020 will bring about new challenges for the Mets’ first baseman. The Mets will rely heavily on their power-hitting corner infielder to prove them stability. And for the Mets’ to make a run at the crown, Pete Alonso will be critical. So it’s easy to make this selection because without Pete Alonso as the team MVP, the Mets won’t make it very far in 2020.

Miami Marlins: Brian Anderson

The Miami Marlins aren’t expected to compete this season for a championship, pre or post CO-VID19. However, they are still playing games that will directly impact the title picture. The player that is likely going to be the most important for the Marlins success it that of Brian Anderson. Anderson’s versatility and presence in the Marlins’ lineup is going to be tested, as his “protection” is questionable at best. But there’s little doubt that Anderson will be the star down in South Beach.

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