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Baseball-Less July 4th? How to Cope.

For the first time in my lifetime, we will have a Baseball-Less July 4th. A staple of the Great American pastime is playing on Independence Day. We penned an article last year on this date about the “Perfect Combination” that is Baseball and America’s birthday.

Why Bother with Baseball? Because It’s Tradition

One thing about July 4th it’s a day of tradition, a day of being outdoors with friends and family. From barbecues to swimming to fireworks and baseball, July 4th is America’s birthday. And while things have to be different this year, here are some suggested ways to cope with a Baseball-Less July 4th

We Talkin’ Bout Practice

When baseball isn’t on tv this weekend, we can hit the field for some practice. And while Allen Iverson wasn’t trying to practice, we can. Heading out to the field with family or friends is an excellent way to spend our Nation’s birthday. Not only is it an excellent time for bonding in the open fresh air. But it’s also a way to exercise while playing the game we all know and love.

When you have love and passion for an activity, it doesn’t feel like work—and taking time out on this day to play a game of catch or hit the ball around us a great way to handle a baseball-less July 4th.

Watch Party

Usually, while barbecuing with the family, baseball can be heard in the background for many families. And while the games may not be new, going back to watch old games can be just as good. Games from our youth that helped cultivate our love for the greatest game on earth are a fantastic start. But don’t stop there, there’s more to discover. A quick search on YouTube of MLB Network can bring up heated debates from games and rivalries of the past. 

But you can also gain an education from it all with a quick search pass. And while yes, it may seem at the surface to fall under practice to watch something to educate your baseball mind, taking the relaxed approach of video study can help you thrive. There’s a reason that video studies have become so popular with Major League players. Everyone can be seen watching videos now to study right in the dugout. So we too can use this time to research and learn, all while watching while in the sun we burn. 

Make it a “Show” Day.

An easy way to get your baseball fix on this July 4th is to play a little MLB The Show 20 on PlayStation 4. Playing the show can incorporate both of the previous two points. How one may ask, can such a thing be achieved from playing a game? Simple, the hand-eye coordination gained can push forward one’s understanding of the game. While at the same time giving us a watchable version of our favorite teams and players.


It may not be the ideal method for our baseball consumption. But for this crazy year of 2020, we must find alternatives. And these are but just a few suggestions for some ways to cope with a baseball-less July 4th. 

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