Predicting Each AL Central Team MVP for 2020

Every season in Major League Baseball, there seem to be new stars that emerge from each team, and every season has a different team MVP. (Unless it’s the Angels, then it’s ALWAYS Mike Trout.) So with that in mind, we present you with the AL Central team’s MVP for the shortened 2020 season.

Minnesota Twins: Josh Donaldson

The Minnesota Twins third baseman is among the very best in MLB. Donaldson helps the young Twins lineup have another veteran (along with Nelson Cruz) that has been through the ups and downs of the season. Now this season will be quite different from anything baseball fans have ever experienced. But the superstars are likely going to shine even brighter, especially a former AL MVP like Josh Donaldson.

Cleveland Indians: Francisco Lindor

For the AL Central, it’s rather easy to select the representative for the Cleveland Indians; it’s Francisco Lindor. Mr. Smiles is a dynamic player with a smile that lights up the room. And Lindor plays with the childlike love for baseball that baseball fans root for every season. Add in the fact that Frankie is among the very best in the game, and it’s an easy call to make to play the team MVP crown on Francisco Lindor.

Chicago White Sox: Tim Anderson

The Chicago White Sox are going to be a team that is a must-watch. And their shortstop, Tim Anderson, is going to make major strides for the causal fan. Baseball diehards already know that Tim Anderson is a beast. And Anderson already has a batting title under his belt. But with the shortened season, Anderson could challenge for .400. However, whether or not that fear us accomplished Tim Anderson will be the White Sox’s team MVP.

Kansas City Royals: Salvador Perez

Sal Pérez is an underrated catcher in MLB. Going into a shortened season, the field general becomes even more critical. A catcher is a vital position for the success of any team. The Kansas City Royals are a team that wasn’t expected to compete in a regular 2020 season. But with a shortened season, the Royals catcher can play an even more critical role.

Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera

The Detroit Tigers aren’t expected to compete even in a shortened season. However, their team MVP is undoubtedly Miguel Cabrera. Miguel Cabrera is one of the best hitters in MLB history. And Miggy is among the upper echelon of right-handed batters and an unquestioned future Hall of Famer. So while the Tigers won’t be expected to compete for a 2020 world series championship, watching Miguel Cabrera rack up his stats will further aid his Hall of Fame career.

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