Predicting AL West Team MVP for 2020

Every season in Major League Baseball, there seem to be new stars that emerge from each team, and every season has a different team MVP. (Unless it’s the Angels, then it’s ALWAYS Mike Trout.) So with that in mind, we present you with the AL West team’s MVP for the shortened 2020 season.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Mike Trout

Let’s begin with an easy one, the LA Angels of Anaheim and their MVP Mike Trout. It isn’t complicated to make this selection. Each and every season, Mike Trout is at the top of the MVP voting, so this season shouldn’t be any different.

Houston Astros: Alex Bregman

Initially, the first player thought of for the Astros was Justin Verlander, and that could still be the case by seasons end. However, with a shortened 60-game season, pitchers will make a lot fewer starts than usual. So position players playing everyday become much more valuable. Now when it comes to the Astros, several players could take hold of the mantle of 2020 team MVP.

Choosing Alex Bregman seemed a logical choice because of the way the team rallies around his swagger. But it’s also because of the talent Bregman possesses. The “sting” the Astros were supposed to face this season over their sign-stealing scandal has been and will be mitigated because of the way the season will be played. But the brash bravado of Bregman will still be seen. And it’s likely to elevate him to team MVP status.

Oakland Athletics: Tie (Matt Olson/Matt Chapman)

When it comes to the Oakland A’s, they are consistently underrated and undervalued. Playing in the expansive home ballpark of the Oakland Coliseum usually is disastrous for hitters, but the Oakland cornermen have no issues. Taking into account that the majority of games will be played in the division, the A’s will be able to beat up on the Rangers and Mariners. And the beneficiaries of such a schedule will be the Oakland stalwarts.

Seattle Mariners: Mitch Haniger

The Seattle Mariners are in the midst of the longest playoff drought in MLB. So going into the shortened 2020 season, the M’s are going to need a breakout performance from their MVP, Mitch Haniger. Haniger has had some up and down seasons in his career but has a lot of talent. That talent is likely going to make a bigger stand this season. Seattle may struggle this season, but Mitch Haniger should produce the kind of season that names him the 2020 Mariners’ MVP.

Texas Rangers: Joey Gallo

The Texas Rangers will be opening a new ballpark in 2020. And with that opening, they ideally would like to begin with a winning season. A winning season would rely on team MVP, Joey Gallo.

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