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MLB Returning?

Late last night, reports would break about MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred enacting his power to have a shortened season. Reports would also indicate that the players were likely to agree to this shortened and “forced” season. Thus the power struggle between the players and owners merely gets pushed off to the actual CBA after 2021. Nevertheless, we are going to have an MLB season. So here’s what we know.

60 Game Season

From the early reports, MLB fans can expect a 60-game season. Having a 60 game season is somewhat of a compromise for MLB and the MLBPA. In my opinion, it was a childish ploy by both signs to negotiate through the media. Nevertheless, we have finally come to the arbitrary number of games for 2020.

Universal DH

It’s long been discussed on this website that the use of a universal DH has long been desired. As far back as June of 2018 (Debating the DH), we have begun detailing why the universal DH is a must. We continued our coverage with a question of whether or not to DH. (To DH or Not to DH, That is the Question.) Then finally, when the initial proposal for this shortened 2020 season was made, the inclusion of the universal DH was apart of it, we followed up with three reasons why the universal DH was staying put for good. (Three Reasons the Universal DH Stays after 2020.)

So seemingly once a season, we bring up the discussion of the universal DH. We’ve also included coverage on the idea over on our YouTube channel. We posed the question Should the National League adopt the Designated Hitter Rule. So adding the universal DH is an added benefit for playing in 2020.

MLBPA Expected to Vote Yes

Throughout all of the media negotiating, the MLB owners and players have been in opposition to one another. But reports have stated that the players are expected to agree with this latest proposition by MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred. Thus the players voting yes (as previously stated) is merely pushing the Collective Bargaining Agreement issues back to a later date. But for now, the players and the owners are working towards the right accord, the fans.

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