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Thank You, Undertaker

Over the last few weeks, the WWE Network has aired a documentary about the one and only Undertaker. The Last Ride was an incredible behind the scenes on a man that has been a mysterious entity in professional wrestling. So this piece is a Thank you and the three biggest takeaways from the entire series.

Takeaway #1: Seeing the Real Undertaker

Throughout this documentary, we’ve seen a very intimate and revealing Undertaker. The Last Ride was a side behind the character that has never been seen in this light—seeing the in-home interview narration, as well as the conversations of his fellow performers. The Undertaker is a mythical and iconic character, but the real seeing Mark Calaway shows someone who is just as legendary and iconic as a man.

Takeaway #2: Greatest Character in the Wrestling Business 

The Undertaker is, without a doubt, the most exceptional character in the history of the wrestling business. From his early days as a quiet giant that caused fear with a soulless stare to the biker that rode his motorcycle to the ring. Undertaker left an indelible mark on fans and the wrestling business.

Takeaway #3: Going Out His Way

One thing that was made very clear throughout this documentary was that when it began, the Undertaker was not ready to walk away. However, as the years passed and so too the number of events left on his body’s “bump count,” Taker back more ready. Something that is heard from many wrestlers in the twilight of their careers is about knowing when to walk away. The great Stone Cold Steve Austin said in this documentary that, that’s the most challenging part for a performer is knowing when to walk away. Taker himself said that he wanted to leave before becoming a parody of himself.

However, choosing the right moment to walk away is the ever-illusive search. But Taker and Mark Calaway seemingly found that moment with the Boneyard match. The Boneyard match was born out of necessity due to CO-VID19. AJ Styles and the Undertaker delivered something genuinely cinematic and epic. But most importantly, the Boneyard match provided something honoring of the legendary iconic status of the incredible Undertaker.


The Undertaker has been a favorite character of mine for many years. Early on in my wrestling fandom, I was in fear and awe of the character. And as I grew in my understanding of the wrestling business and the character shifted, I began to comprehend the magnitude of The Undertaker. Seeing this documentary has only solidified his place at the top of the wrestling business. So I close with this thought, Thank You, Undertaker, for everything you’ve done for the wrestling business. Thank You for the sacrifices you’ve made, and thank you for the unforgettable memories for all us wrestling fans. And now there’s only one thing left to say to you Undertaker, Rest in Peace.

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