MLB in 2020? Still up for debate.

It feels as if every day, we are receiving new updates in a sick game of “Will they, they?” MLB edition. A tweet from Jon Heyman claims that Rob Manfred and Tony Clark had a productive meeting. (Tony Clark is the head of the MLBPA.) Thus this leaves baseball fans questioning once again about baseball in 2020.

Some Owners Against a Season?

According to Andy Martino (of SNY) claims at least six MLB owners do not want to proceed with a season in 2020. Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich (of The Athletic) state that there may be more than eight owners that don’t want to play in 2020. The report also claims that one unnamed player agent says, “There are definitely more than eight owners who don’t want to play.” This news comes in contrast to MLB Commissioner, Ron Manfred’s statement that “The owners are 100 percent committed to getting baseball back on the field.”

So it begs the question, who’s telling the truth? Are the owners making proposals to the players union in bad faith? If the owners are “100% committed” to playing, then why have they gone back on the already agreed upon commitment of 100% payment of the prorated salaries? These are some questions that are sadly unlikely to get answers to until something definitive is decided.

Fans Ultimately Lose If There’s No MLB

No matter what’s decided upon between the millionaires and billionaires, the hundred-aires (the fans) pay the ultimate price. Fans have already lost out on three-plus months worth of baseball. Which under normal world circumstances would be detrimental to the sport. But even under the current state of the world, MLB is still operating without the right state of mind. For MLB and the MLBPA, the fans need to be the first priority after the player’s health and safety.

Selfishly, I Need Baseball

So if you’ve followed this site or our YouTube channel for any length of time, it’s no secret that I am a huge baseball fan. And with my love of baseball, I have a singular focus on baseball in terms of coverage. So without baseball, my well of inspiration and coverage material dries up. Plus, I enjoy the magnificent and majestic game of baseball. So having the potential of a baseball-less Summer is detrimental to my health.

A Potential Structure in Place

Now that reports have now surfaced of positive meetings between Manfred and Tony Clark, along with a potential structure for a deal. Having a structure in place is a good start. But there is still a long way to go before we can hear the most incredible sound on God’s green earth, the crack of the bat. As we’ve stated on multiple occasions, it comes down to money, as everything does in this world. But we must subside the hostility between the two groups and come to an agreement that MLB is needed back.

The latest proposal would be 70 games and include the Universal DH. I’ve been a big advocate for the Universal DH. Hearing this new proposal has that included that stipulation adds even more to my desire for MLB to return. So MLB and MLBPA, let’s get this down. Bring back Baseball!

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