MLB Canceled for 2020?

Last week MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred stated that he believed that baseball would be played this season. However, now this week and that same man is unsure. The owner and players have operated with selfish intentions in mind. We’ve documented our thoughts on if there will be baseball in 2020 and a letter to the MLB decision-makers. But now the question must be posed if we will have baseball at all in 2020?

What’s Going On?

That is, the all-important must answer question, what are the owners and players doing? Now we’ve previously covered this topic, but it continues to beg the question what’s going on? The owners and the players are arguing over money, and the fans are the ones that are losing. The game of baseball is meant to be played for the people. And the millionaires and billionaires are forgetting who’s actually paying their salaries. The two entities (owners and players) must and the petty squabbling for the game to happen. The utmost importance is the restoration of MLB in 2020.

Less Than Stellar

With the owners and the players arguing in the media over money, both sides look weak, greedy, and insensitive all at the same time. The world is in a state of upheaval and unrest. Sports are usually the mediators of people’s emotions and frustrations. So without sports, the world isn’t able to silence many insatiable quests. Both the players and owners need to pull their heads out of their respective sandboxes because neither has the higher ground they think they have and come to a compromise. Right now, the world needs baseball.

Canceling the Season Poses Bigger Loss than Money

It’s no secret that the season is only being held up by money. While other sports are trying to make inroads playing their games soon, MLB is worried about money. Both sides are failing to see the bigger picture and the fact that if the season is canceled, they lose more than money.

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