Top 3 Must Watch Shortstops in MLB

With MLB currently sidelined and figuring out how the season will look. I’ve taken to YouTube to watch a great many highlights. So for this piece, I will highlight my Top 3 Must Watch Shortstops in MLB.

#3 Francisco Lindor ~ Cleveland Indians

Francisco Lindor, the Cleveland Indians shortstop, begins my list. Mr. Smiles always brings the exuberance of a child to the field with him. And it shows. Playing at the premiere defensive position of shortstop is not an easy task, but it’s something that Lindor makes look easy. The smooth fielding Lindor provides Indians fans and baseball fans all around the world with a beautiful example of stellar defense.

#2 Andrelton Simmons ~ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

For a very long time, Andrelton Simmons has been among my favorite shortstops in the game. Andrelton has frequently found himself in my Top 10 Shortstops Right Now year after year. The reason for his inclusion has been because of being a defensive wizard. Watching Andrelton play shortstop is like watching an incredible movie. Simmons is full of unbelievable plays from seated throws that reach the upper 80’s in mph. Or even to fielding balls deep into the outfield. Andrelton Simmons is one of my favorite players to watch regardless of position. But Simmons is without question one of my Top 3 Must Watch Shortstops.

#1 Javier Baez ~ Chicago Cubs

There’s little doubt in my mind or the mind of many fans that Javy Baez is one of the most incredible athletes on a baseball field. The sheer brilliance and joy that he plays the game with are worthy of their own article. But for this piece, his defensive skills rank him at the top. The flair and insane ability leave fans breathless from his no-look tag to the effortless throws from the outfield grass. Javy Baez embodies his nickname “El Mago” he truly is a magician on the baseball field.

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