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My 5 Favorite Rewatchable TV Series

Let’s begin with the ground rules for this piece, shall we? First, this is a very subjective list, and everyone will have their own. And I encourage you to run through the process and make your own list. Having to narrow down a list like this was somewhat difficult for me as I am a frequent re-watcher. So the criteria for this article was that it had to be a show that I have rewatched at least twice. And secondly, it had to be a television show, not a feature film or tv film. So we begin “My 5 Favorite Rewatchable TV Series” in no particular order.

#5 That 70’s Show

That 70's Show

We begin with a fun show; actually, three of the five are comedies, but I digress. That 70’s Show is about a group of high school friends from Wisconsin that enjoys the “higher” things in life. The show would see many of their stars grow up, and we would see them get into real situations and have to figure it out. It’s a good lesson for life and a fun show to binge. It’s currently binge-able on Netflix.

#4 Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Here lies the likely controversial entry on this list, Game of Thrones. Many people have written the series off entirely because of the ending. And to be completely honest, that’s what happened between me and “How I Met Your Mother.” The end to HIMYM left me with such a sour taste that I haven’t rewatched the show since the conclusion. So many might question why then, with the controversial ending of GOT, why would it make my rewatchable list? And for me, the answer is simple, fan theories and foreshadowing.

When you watch Game of Thrones for the first time you are taking in the world as it’s presented. You inevitably will miss many details that will make themselves quite apparent during a second viewing. And those same details and many more will be evident in a third viewing and so on. Rewatching GOT after searching through many fan theories online will help creates a more mythical conclusion, even given what we were shown on screen. So it’s a show that I continue to rewatch.

#3 Psych


The psychtastic series from the USA Network is hands down one of my favorite shows ever. The duo of Shawn and Gus provide viewers with nonstop laugher amidst their crime-solving ways. Shawn presents himself as a psychic detective, all the while not being a psych at all. But with skills taught to him by his former police detective father, Shawn uses those skills to solve crimes and make us laugh. If you’ve never seen Psych and like comedy and crime, this show is worth checking out.

#2 Burn Notice


Another series from the USA Network that I have rewatched quite a bit is that of Burn Notice. Burn Notice is a show about a blacklisted spy trying to figure out who blacklisted him. And how he tries to work his way back in with the agency that burned him. Michael Westen, along with his on and off ex-girlfriend Fiona and his “washed up” former Navy Seals best friend Sam and his mom Madeline, try to the right the wrongs that happened to him all the while using his skills to help desperate people in the Miami area. Michael also tells us how to accomplish quite a bit of spycraft from home. It’s a very educational show and very entertaining.

#1 The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory

So while the rest of the list can be intermingled, the Big Bang Theory is unquestionably the number one on my rewatch list. The show follows a group of brilliant scientists and their friend Howard (you’ll get that joke if you watched TBBT) as they try to navigate life. The group is a bunch of socially awkward geniuses who are also super nerdy. So there are a ton of references to comic books, superheroes, and many other nerdy things that remind me of childhood. This show provides laughs and deals with some tough situations as well. For my money, it’s my number one rewatchable show.

So what shows make your list? Let me know down in the comments section below.

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