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5 Must-See’s When Yankee Baseball Returns in 2020

There’s an inherent sentiment for all baseball fans, and that feeling is hope. Hence the commonly used “Hope springs eternal.” Thus with the world in its current state due to COVID-19, we embark on this piece together with the hope that baseball WILL return in 2020.


The 2020 season returning to the Bronx brings along with it a greater sense of hope, as the Yankees have brought in arguably the best free-agent pitcher in history, Gerrit Cole. Bringing in an established Ace like Cole places the Yankees with a very large target on their backs. But when it comes to the 27 time World Series Champions, I doubt they’d have it any other way.


One thing that the Bronx has lacked since his call up in 2016 is a healthy Aaron Judge. And if the season started at the original time, Judge would have been hurt. Now, if MLB begins playing the 2020 season this year, there is a good possibility that Aaron Judge would be ready. Health is something Yankee fans would love to see. Yes, it would be over a shortened-season, but if Judge can stay healthy, it’s a good sign for the future. A healthy Aaron Judge provides the Yankees an incredible presence in the lineup and leader everywhere else.


Much like the aforementioned Aaron Judge, throughout Giancarlo’s Yankee tenure, he hasn’t stayed healthy. When the trade was made, comparisons to Maris and Mantle were thrown about regularly and, at times, almost placing the M&M Boys as the second fiddle. But to this point, Judge and Stanton have not been able to maintain their presence on the field. A healthy Giancarlo Stanton is a very productive Giancarlo Stanton. Let us not forget that Stanton was coming off of a 59 homerun campaign and a National League MVP. But for both Judge and Stanton, healthy is vital. 


The Yankees were very fortunate to have signed DJ LeMahieu before last season because DJ was without question the 2019 team MVP. And as the final year of LeMahieu’s deal is coming to play in 2020, the Yankees need to look ahead and make a longer-term commitment. DJ LeMahieu should have been a top-three candidate for the American League Most Valuable Player. LeMahieu provided the Bombers with top-notch defense at three positions (Firstbase, Secondbase, & Thirdbase.) As well as adding an outstanding offensive season. When the season commences, the Yankees front office needs to have a conversation to keep DJ in pinstripes for several more years. 


This offseason, the Yankees would make several changes to the coaching staff. One such change was a new catching coach, Tanner Swanson, formerly of Minnesota. Tanner changed the way that Gary and the other Yankee catchers would set up behind the dish. This new stance would see Sanchez place a knee on the ground, and would yield good results in limited time in Spring Training. The Bronx Bombers were hoping to see even more positive results during the regular season. And like all baseball fans, we hope to get our beloved sport back soon.

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