The MLB Opening Day that Wasn’t

It’s no secret that the world is currently on a standstill due to COVID-19, which includes MLB. Last week there would have been MLB Opening Day ceremonies all across the baseball landscape. But sadly, that was not meant to be, at this time. (Hopefully, we get some clarity and some baseball soon.)

When Will MLB Return?

The world is still trying to figure out this virus and how to contain it. So as far as an official timeline on when MLB will return, it is still unknown. However, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has stated that there is a hope that baseball can once again resume some modicum of action in May. Losing a month (plus) of the season isn’t ideal. But given the level of seriousness that COVID-19 has placed the world in, May, seems more appealing than the alternative.

What Happens Next?

When MLB eventually returns, we will finally have the verdict handed out by Commissioner Manfred on the Red Sox Sign Stealing investigation. The 2019-2020 offseason/Spring Training has been a challenging time for MLB, and it’s fans. From the Astros Sign Stealing scandal leading to a lengthy investigation and ultimately a less than stellar punishment. This would then lead to the Red Sox portion of the scandal. What happens next is vital for the integrity of the game. The discipline that is handed to the Red Sox much be impactful. The Astros were able to slip by unpunished because they “weren’t informed” of their (common sense) wrongdoings. But the Red Sox were forewarned. And thus, the punishment needs to be severe.

How Long Will the Season Be?

That much like, when the season will begin, that is unknown. Ideally, MLB would like to have at least 140 game season to maintain the integrity of the sport. Reportedly, players are accepting of the idea of playing doubleheaders. Whether or not MLB officials will allow and employ this strategy is another story entirely. There are also rumored reports of the season extending into November and possibly December and playing in neutral/warm-weather locations.

And Finally,

Ultimately, the world is in a very vulnerable place, and we have to wait to see just how things go from here. But WHEN (not if, at least I hope it’s when) baseball returns, fans will likely be lining up at the ticket windows to get back to a healthy sense of being. And get back to our way of life as Americans, and that means baseball.

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