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3 Takeaways from Yankees vs. Tigers 3/5/2020

The Yankees continue their Spring Training campaign, and we continue our Spring coverage. As we have, we will give you our three big takeaways from Yankees versus Tigers on March 5th, 2020. And take a look back at the last televised game for the New York Yankees against the Red Sox.

The Way the Wind Blows

The final score of this game would be 15-11 in favor of the Tigers. But the score wouldn’t tell the true story of this game. The wind would aid both teams in such a way that nearly every flyball would be tempting the outfield fence. Detroit would capitalize the most hitting nine homeruns. Kyle Higashioka, who is the incumbent favorite for the backup catcher role, hit two homeruns himself in this game. Merely looking at the boxscore of this game would tell a misleading story. But we’ll share the truth with you here.

Gerrit Cole & Jordan Montgomery Get Worked

The New York Yankees newly signed ace, Gerrit Cole, has been dominant this Spring. This start, however, would see Gerrit get touched up for six runs. Cole would pitch two innings, walking one and striking out three and surrendering four homers to the tigers. Gerrit wouldn’t pitch as terribly as the boxscore would have you believe, but Cole wouldn’t be as sharp as we’ve seen him. This is actually a good thing for the Yankees as we want to see our pitchers face some adversity when the games don’t count to build up their mental acumen for when the games matter.

Likewise, we would see Jordan Montgomery give up five runs in three innings of work. Monty would strikeout four while also giving up four homeruns to the Tigers hitters. Jordan Montgomery is currently the favorite for the four starter job going into the 2020 season for the Yankees. And this start, much like it does for Gerrit Cole, helps Monty gain valuable experience and push past adversity for the 2020 season. It will be interesting to watch both pitchers next outings to see how they respond.

Sleeper Pick for 26th Man

A name that no one knew before Spring Training began is quickly making himself a candidate for the Yankees’ 26th roster spot. Rosell Herrera has been invaluable for the Yanks this Spring. We’ve seen Rosell play multiple positions for the Yankees this Spring, as well as put up some good at-bats at the plate. Yankee manager, Aaron Boone, would even name Rosell as someone who has stood out this Spring on one of the YES Network broadcast. As the Yankees continue their march to the start of the season, Rosell Herrera is a name to be aware of, especially given that Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton may not be ready to start the season.

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