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Top 10 Shortstops Right Now 2020

Every offseason, MLB Network runs through a series of programming. One such show is about the Top 10 Right Now at each position. And as we have done in both 2018 and 2019, we will go over our Top 10 Second Basemen Right Now.

Just a quick note about this list, it is a personal list, and everyone will value different things from each position. So I encourage you to make your own list and see who makes the cut on your list.


For most of these list I just focus on my Top 10. But when it comes to Shortstop it’s my favorite position and thus I needed to add in those that nearly made the rankings. Players like Jorge Polanco, Corey Seager, Trea Turner, Nick Ahmed, and Tim Anderson all just missed for me. Many of these players could have easily made the list and could even be on MLB Network’s Shredder list. But for one reason or another I just couldn’t take out anyone on my list for these five players. Even though I would have liked to have them on the list. So now onto the Top 10 Shortstops Right Now.

10. Didi Gregorius- Philadelphia Phillies


There is no doubt in my mind that Didi Gregorius is going to be a tremendous addition to the Philadelphia Philllies roster in 2020. I would have placed Didi higher on the list but he is coming off and an injury-shortened season. Didi is undoubtedly a leading candidate for Comeback Player of the Year. And in that Phillies lineup, under Joe Girardi, could hit towards the middle of the order, really driving up his value and RBI count in 2020. Didi is also a plus defender even though the numbers may have showed differently in 2019. Look for Gregorius to be a big reason that the Phillies push towards the Post-Season.

9. Carlos Correa- Houston Astros


The next entry on the list with a personal favorite of mine and that’s the Astros, Carlos Correa. Correa is a dynamic talent and has the ability to be an MVP. The only problem with Correa is health. Over the last three seasons, Correa has not played in more than 110 games in a single season. And in 2019, Carlos played in just 75 games, a career low. Carlos Correa is a very good hitter and has better defensive talents than given credit for by most metrics. But for Carlos to make it up higher on my list, he must remain healthy for a full season.

8. Fernando Tatis Jr- San Diego Padres


One of the young dynamic second generation Major Leaguers is Padres Shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr. Tatis has all the makings of a force among Shortstops. Feranado showed that with 22 homeruns and a slashline of .317/.379/.590 in spacious Petco Park. However, what keeps Tatis Jr in the lower half of this list is his defense. Shortstops across baseball history were known for their defensive prowess. And while Fernando has all the makings and skillset his defense was a struggling point in 2019. But Tatis Jr has the potential to be a good defender because of his athletism. So as these Shortstops list continue in the future, expect to see the name of Fernando Tatis Jr rise up the rankings.

7. Xander Bogaerts- Boston Red Sox


Over the past two seasons, the Red Sox’s Xander Bogaerts has quietly been among the best Shortstops in MLB. Since 2018, Bogaerts has hit 56 homeruns and knocked in 220 RBIs. There is an undeniable ability that Bogaerts possesses. And while not being the greatest defender in the history of Shortstops. Bogaerts is one of the more steady hands at the position. And while the Red Sox are currently under investigation for their 2018 “Sign-Stealing” the BoSox are still going to be a serious contender and Bogaerts will contribute to that success.

6. Gleyber Torres- New York Yankees


Being able to watch Gleyber Torres on a daily basis has been a pleasure. Gleyber had a serious breakout year, spending much of the year listed among the Shortstops. In 2019, Torres blasted 38 homers and drove in 90 RBIs. Torres is a very young but extremely dynamic player. Going into 2020, the Yankees are presently set to have Gleyber be their everyday Shortstop. And with the Yankees being a heavy World Series favorite, Torres being their choice at Shortstop should signify that he is among the Top 10 Shortstops Right Now in MLB.

5. Marcus Semien- Oakland Athletics


Marcus Semien was among the finalist for AL MVP in 2019 and for good reason. With a season of 33 Homeruns and 123 RBIs, that is a high level of production. Semien also took a huge step forward in terms of his defense, when looking at FanGraphs UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating), over the past two seasons. Semien is likely to continue his maturation in 2020 and aid the A’s in their quest to dethrone the reigning AL West Chmapion, Astros.

4. Trevor Story- Colorado Rockies

Miami Marlins v Colorado Rockies

I’ll be very honest I think that Trevor Story is likely among the Top 3 Shortstops in the game today. That being said, the only reason that Story falls to fourth is because I value my number three Shortstop more than most others. Trevor Story had a couple of powerful seasons for the Rockies with 72 homeruns and 193 RBIs since 2018. And 2020 should not be any different in terms of Story’s production. But with the uncertanity around Nolan Arenado staying in Colorado, Trevor Story’s value is even more.

3. Andrelton Simmons- Los Angels Angels of Anaheim

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Angels

As previously stated, I value Andrelton Simmons very high, and it’s because of his defense. Andrelton Simmons is among the best defensive Shortstops in Major League Baseball history. And watching Simba in the field has been some of my favorite clips on And prior to an injury-plagued season in 2019, Andrelton Simmons was raising his bat up over league-average. So taking an above league-average bat and combining that with elite level defense and that is why I rank Andrelton so high on my list.

1B. Francisco Lindor- Cleveland Indians


When it comes to the top two spots on this list of Top 10 Shortstops Right Now, it’s a coin flip. Francisco Lindor, Javy Baez. Jay Baez, Francisco Lindor. And honestly neither answer would be wrong. Francisco Lindor is one my favorite players to watch in baseball today. Mr. Smiles is a fun loving player with otherworldly talents and gifts. In 2019, Lindor would deliver in a big way for the Indians with 32 homers and 74 RBIs. Lindor is also among the best defenders in the game as well. Thus when you combine talent with heart, desire, and personality, you get Mr. Smiles

1A. Javy Baez- Chicago Cubs


The MLB The Show 20 cover star is arguably the MOST entertaining personality in baseball. From the no look tags to the bat flips there isn’t anything done on a baseball field that Javy doesn’t do with style. The Cubs Shortstop hit 29 homeruns and drove in 85 RBis in 2019. And add in 19 OAA (Outs Above Averge) a new stat that better utilizes Statcast data for infield defensive metrics and that place Javy over Lindor.

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