What the Starling Marte Trade Means for NL

It’s been reported that Starling Marte has been traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Marte was traded for two prospects. But the question is now what’s next for the Pirates, Starling Marte, and the NL Central Division.

Starling Marte & The Arizona Diamondbacks

Starling Marte was, at one point, one of the best outfielders in Major League Baseball. But as time has passed and PED suspensions have left Marte on the outside of the “Top 10 CF Right Now.” And the Diamondbacks are in a unique position. Unique because they have made some interesting moves this offseason. But remain behind the Dodgers in the NL West power rankings. Starling Marte should help push the Diamondbacks back towards contention along with the signing of Madison Bumgarner. But there is still more room for improvement for the DBacks.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates are in full rebuild mode, and this latest move signals that philosophy. Pittsburgh was in the position of Wild Card contender just a few seasons ago. But their inability to make the “BIG” move plagued them and thus led to their decline. Pittsburgh is now in a position to play spoiler in the NL Central. And also to let their young players with upside from their Minors get an opportunity.

NL Central Division

This move by the Pirates cements their place at the bottom of the NL Central. The remainder of the Division are all in the process of pushing forward. As the Cincinnati Reds showed with their signing of Nick Castellanos. The Pirates are going to be in a position similar to the Marlins, Tigers, Royals, and Orioles as rebuilding clubs. And as previously stated, the Pirates will give their young players a chance. The NL Central will be up for grabs. And honestly, the team that can beat up on the Pirates is likely to walk away as the winner of the Division.

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