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Carlos Beltran Steps Down Amid Scandal

It’s reported Carlos Beltran stepped down as manager of the New York Mets. Here are my thoughts on the situation.


If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what’s going on, the Houston Astros used electronics to steal signs in 2017. Carlos Beltran was apart if that 2017 Astros team. Beltran was the leading creator of the sign-stealing scheme and the only player implicated in the scandal. And thus, the dark cloud of this sign-stealing situation claims another victim.

“Mutual Decision?”

The New York Mets and Carlos Beltran agreed to part ways as not to be a distraction going forward. Carlos Beltran is highly regarded in baseball for his mind. And much like Alex Cora, that’s evident by the complexity of the scheme. However, this decision was made with the best intentions in mind for the Mets.

Contrite Statment?

Of everyone implicated in this scandal, Carlos Beltran’s statement feels the most contrite and genuine. In the statement, Beltran speaks about his integrity and character. Both of which are now in complete disarray. “As a veteran player on the team, I should’ve recognized the severity of the issue and truly regret the actions that were taken,” said Beltran. The actions that were taken we’re taken because of Carlos Beltran’s creation. The statement shows a remorseful man, but it may be a little too late.

My Thoughts

Carlos Beltran is now on the outside of MLB, looking into the game he loves. Two adages come to mind with Beltran’s situation. “Time heals all wounds.” And “Separation makes the heart grow fonder.” Carlos Beltran needs to take some time away from the sport. It allows the parties’ (AJ Hinch, Jeff Luhnow, shortly Alex Cora) already punished, time to elapse. And He may be welcomed back as a great mind for the game.

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