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Brett Gardner Officially Re-Signs

When it comes to the New York Yankees, there’s one constant thought, and it’s about history, tradition, and legacy. And when it comes to legacy, one player is still around from the last World Championship of 2009, Brett Gardner. Gardner officially re-signed with the Yankees on a one year deal for $12.5 Million. But for this piece, we’ll look at a few reasons this move makes sense for Gardy and the Yankees. And also take a look back at our coverage of Gerrit Cole to the Yankees, here and we’ll as on our YouTube channel the Laracuente Ledger Network


Brett Gardner has only known one team, the New York Yankees. Throughout his 12-year Major League career, Gardner has amassed over 1300 Hits. Plus over 260 Stolen Bases, over 120 Homeruns. And he’s been just about league-average with an OPS+ of 101 (according to Gardy is comfortable with the Yankees and understands how the organization will deploy his skillset.

Clubhouse Presence & Lineup Asset

In the same way, the Yankees know Brett Gardner. Gardner is a clubhouse leader and a sparkplug for the team. Brett is also a “pest” in the box. Despite a career-high 28 Homeruns in 2019, Gardner is not a power threat. And in all honesty, the Yankees don’t need him to be for their success. But what Gardner does provide the Yankees is someone who will grind out at-bats. This type of “pesky” approach at the plate gives the Yankee offense an opportunity. An opportunity to see all that a pitcher is featuring that day. The relationship between Brett Gardner and the Yankees has been a beneficial one to this point. Brett should continue to deliver timing hits and play great defense while also keeping the clubhouse loose. Thus leading to his $10 Million option being picked up for the 2021 campaign.

Centerfield Vacancy

Aaron Hicks is the Yankees prime choice for the Centerfield job. (It’s the reason they gave him a 7-Year $70 Million contract extension last offseason.) But to begin the season, Hicks will be sidelined recovering from surgery on his throwing arm. Thus the Yankees will have an opening in Centerfield for Opening Day on March 26th, 2020. This is where Brett Gardner will nicely slot in for the Bronx Bombers. Gardner is an underrated defender in the outfield. Because despite not having a cannon for an arm, Gardy cuts the ball off exceptionally well. As well as having a better arm than given credit for by opponents.

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