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Astros Punishment Handed Out


The Major League Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred, has released his findings and punishment for the Astros stealing signs. (Originally reported by The Athletic.) Here are the details and my thoughts on the punishment.

Hinch & Luhnow: Suspended & FIRED!!!

The Astros hierarchy got upended in the most challenging way possible today. Commissioner Rob Manfred and Owner Jim Crane suspended and Fired, AJ Hinch, and Jeff Luhnow, respectively. Jeff Luhnow was the architect of the transformation from a bottom feeder to a perennial threat every season. AJ Hinch was the well-liked player’s manager that seen as a revolutionary mind. Now both of those men are gone from the Astros organization as a whole.

My Thoughts on The Suspension & Firing

At the outset of the suspension handed out by the MLB Commissioner’s Office, I felt that the suspension was a little on the light side of the punishment spectrum. A one-year suspension is something that could potentially deter future endeavors like this one. However, the real hammer dropped by Astros Owner, Jim Crane. Jim Crane would fire Jeff Luhnow and AJ Hinch. This judgment is the type of punishment that can and likely will deter this action going forward.

Draft Picks Lost & Fined $5 Million

Rob Manfred would also hurt the future of the Astros organization with a $5 Million fine and with the loss of their first and second-round draft picks in 2020 and 2021. This is a move by the Commissioner’s Office that is difficult but necessary.

My Thoughts on the Draft Loss & Fine

This is a significant blow to the Astros future. The draft is where the lifeblood of the organization is built. And to stunt that potential growth over the next two seasons can be detrimental to the Astros. The $5 Million fine is the maximum allowed under the current regulations.

Up Next: Alex Cora

Rob Manfred and the Commissioner’s Office has not yet issued their punishment to Alex Cora. During the 2017 season, Alex Cora was the bench coach of the Houston Astros. In 2018, Alex Cora was named the manager of the Boston Red Sox. And the Red Sox are now under investigation by the MLB Department of Investigation. Alex Cora’s heavy involvement in both scandals is likely to receive a harsher punishment.

My Thoughts on Alex Cora

Alex Cora is viewed as one of the most creative minds in baseball. That’s clear with the implementation of these schemes. However, the results of the devious nature of these schemes are likely to be severe. I believe that Alex Cora’s punishment is going to be worse than that of AJ Hinch. A two-year suspension could easily be within the realm of possibility. Also, I believe that even a lifetime ban could be an option for MLB and Commissioner Rob Manfred. This is a situation that is unprecedented and unparalleled. And thus, the punishments doled out are going to need to be just as unprecedented and unparalleled.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation? Comment Below.

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