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My Christmas Wishlist

Today is Christmas Day, I decided that I would pen this piece about my Christmas Wishlist. (This list will be in no particular order.)

Francisco Lindor & Josh Hader to the Yankees

So the New York Yankees interest in both players has been well documented. And there isn’t any real traction on either deal being close. But as this is my personal wishlist, I’d like for my favorite team to get these moves made. Trading for Francisco Lindor would give the Yankees another iconic shortstop to the Bronx. Lindor is a switch hitter with power and Gold Glove defense, which should be at the top of any team’s Christmas Wishlist.

Bringing in another elite bullpen arm like Josh Hader would be close to a gluttonous level of relief wealth. But again, as this is a personal wishlist, a guy can dream big. Hader would give the Yankees bullpen the THREE BEST LEFTY RELIEVERS in baseball. Period. End of story.

The Laracuente Ledger Network Grows

For those that may not know, the Laracuente Ledger is a dual network, both a website and a YouTube channel. And for Christmas, I would love for both the website and YouTube channel to grow exponentially as we enter a new year and decade. When the Laracuente Ledger began, it was a way to express my feelings towards my interest. But as time has gone on, a team has developed and we are still growing. So if you are interested in joining the team just send us an email at contact@laracuenteledger.com using the subject line “Ledger Expansion.”

Interviewing Some Greats

In 2020, a part of the expansion that I would love to see the Laracuente Ledger get to is being able to interview some of the greats. Now I have interviewed someone before, I was able to speak with Eddie Edwards and Mark Poulton on the release of their book “Anything is Possible; The Eddie Edwards Story.” And thinking back on that it was awesome for me personally. But I also feel that it would benefit the Leger Network as well. And there are some that I would love to interview simply because they are an entertaining personality. While others would be on a more educational level. I won’t begin listing them as they are too many to numerate but as a part of the Ledger’s expansion, interviews are something on my wishlist.

Expanded Creation Suite in MLB The Show 20

One of the early pieces from the inception of the Laracuente Ledger was about a “Wishlist” for MLB The Show, ahead of the 2018 version. Now that piece is much more detailed and gives an explanation of the expansions that I would like to see from MLB The Show 20. But the main expansion that I would like to see from the Sony franchise is a Create-A-Franchise feature.

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