10 Potential MLB Trade Candidates

When looking at the current MLB landscape, there are several teams hungry to compete as well as several teams with players that could be potential trade candidates. Thus we venture out to list ten players that could be on the trade block.


When it comes to Kris Bryant, there are a lot of variables to making his trade candidacy a viable option for clubs. And we have already covered some clubs that would better benefit from his presence on their club. Every team in Major League Baseball would be upgraded by having Bryant on their roster. And with the service grievance that’s still being arbitrated on as of this writing, the likelihood Bryant is no longer a Cub can range from a few more weeks to no more than two seasons. So trading him and gaining some sort of return will likely precipitate a trade by the Cubbies.


In sticking with the North Siders, the Cubs are reported engaging the Yankees in conversation about Kyle Schwarber. (As we have previously covered.) And while it’s also been stated that there is no real momentum to this deal. But should there be a slight shift in the discussed terms, Schwarber could be on the move.


Francisco Lindor is one of the most dynamic and exciting players in all of Major League Baseball. So to hear that he is a potential trade candidate is somewhat surprising. But as reports have stated, the Indians are unlikely unable to re-sign the All-Star Shortstop when his contract expires in a couple of seasons. So for Cleveland, maximizing their return for the Shortstop is a top priority is at the forefront. All that being said, the recent trade of Corey Kluber to the Texas Rangers aides the Indians lowering their payroll for the 2020 season. But should Cleveland find themselves looking up at a team or two in the AL Central Division, a trade of Lindor could reset the Indians in their future endeavors.


In sticking with dynamic shortstops that could be trade candidates, the Houston Astros’ Carlos Correa is a player that could be moved. The Astros have spent the last several seasons competing at the top of the league. But they have also brought on a ton of money to their payroll, with Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke commanding the majority. For the Astros, they will have to decide which players they will choose to invest in going forward. And the versatile ability of Alex Bregman (who’s actually a Shortstop) could make Correa expandable.


The direction that the game of baseball is venturing down is an all-out pitcher attack. Thus a player like Josh Hader becomes an extremely valuable commodity. But with the fact that Hader still has four years left of control at a very team-friendly cost, Hader will be challenging to acquire but one of the more intriguing trade candidates.


It was recently reported that the San Francisco Giants’ first baseman, Brandon Belt may be available for the right price. Belt has maintained a steady level of production throughout his time with the Giants. And should he be made available clubs would be interested in a steady bat with a very good glove at first.


The Boston Red Sox are in a unique and fascinating position. They are well over the top luxury tax threshold. And the BoSox are paying a top-flight premium for being over that limit ($13.4M.) Boston also began a new era by bringing in Chaim Bloom previously of the Tampa Bay Rays organization. And while it would be the utmost of unpopular moves, moving Mookie Betts would instantly help rebuild a minor league system that was ransacked by Dave Dombrowski.


Like Mookie Betts, moving David Price would aid the Red Sox in rebuilding and refortifying their team. Unlike Betts, however, moving Price would strictly be about unloading salary. So whether a deal materializes that packages the two Red Sox assets together or in separate transactions, moving David can make the “Price Right” for the Red Sox as one of their trade candidates.


A name that hasn’t been mentioned much, if at all, this offseason is that of Kyle Seager. The Seattle Mariners don’t seem poised to compete in 2020. And thus, a move to alleviate salary and recoup a farm system that has been through its own shares of ups and downs could benefit the M’s. The third basemen market this offseason seems very hot, as there are several high-value names reportedly available. But for teams without much payroll room and looking for a bargain trade, “Corey’s Brother” could easily provide an upgrade over most teams’ options at third.


In Pittsburgh, there has begun a new renaissance, a new changing of the guard, a new regime has taken over. About a half a decade ago, the Pirates were playoff contenders. But they were unable (or unwilling more likely) to pull the trigger on a “Blockbuster” deal. And now, we are in the midst of a rebuild for the Bucs, and gaining value quickly in a challenging market will be a challenge. However, moving Starling Marte should be very possible. There have already been reports of the New York Mets showing interest. And for the Mets sake they haven’t had a good Centerfielder since their new manager, Carlos Beltran, left. Marte remains an interesting piece because of his former ties to PEDs. So the question becomes, will the real Starling Marte please stand up.

So these are just some possibilities of players that could be on the move. If you think of more, let us know down in the comments section below. And of the names we’ve mentioned, who do you think is most likely to be moved?

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