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10 Teams to Watch Following the MLB Winter Meetings

The MLB Winter Meetings are now over and this year the meetings were extremely fruitful for a number of players and clubs. Thus for this piece, we are going to look at ten clubs to watch following the MLB Winter Meetings.


The Yankees are usually always in a must-watch position going into any season. And this year even more so as they have signed Gerrit Cole to the largest contract for a pitcher ever in Major League Baseball history. The Bronx Bombers with adding Cole now become a heavy favorite for the World Series. When looking now at a rotation anchored by Gerrit Cole and then three #Number 2’s” as Jon Heyman called the contingent of Luis Severino, James Paxton, and Masahiro Tanaka. The Yankees have a dominant bullpen and are rumored to be pursuing Josh Hader to add even more to their pen. And let’s not forget having one of the most potent lineups in baseball. The Yankees are a club to remain glued to as these Winter Meetings end, and the dust begins to settle.


The Angels did not walk away from the Winter Meetings empty-handed. While they did not sign Gerrit Cole, they would refortify their infield by signing Anthony Rendon to a 7-Years $245 Million deal. But the Angels can not stop there as their pitching staff needs help throughout. Getting added protection for Mike Trout in that lineup is a must. The Angels lineup looks even more impressive with Rendon’s addition. Trout, Rendon, Shohei Ohtani, Justin Upton, Andrelton Simmons, and Albert Pujols (on his good days) is a devastating two-thirds of a lineup. So keep an eye out for the Angels as the Winter continues.


The Dodgers, much like the Yankees, are always an exciting team to watch out for all year long. Gerrit Cole was also a major focus for the Dodgers. But like everyone that’s not the Yankees, they were unable to sign the SoCal boy to a contract. But the Dodgers would quickly pivot and begin looking to add in value where they could. Blake Treinen would be brought in and rumors of the Dodgers looking to add former Yankee Dellin Betances to the mix as well. LA has the resources to sway just about anyone to put on Dodger Blue. So whatever direction the Dodgers take following the Winter Meetings is going to be must-see tv.


One club that was causing a bit of a rumor stir was that of the Chicago Cubs. News of the Cubs potentially looking to capitalize on the market deficiency left by Anthony Rendon signing with the Angels and wherever Josh Donaldson eventually signs. The Cubs are in the midst of a service time grievance battle with Kris Bryant. This grievance is what is holding up any potential trade of Bryant because of knowing whether or not the acquiring team will have one or two more years of service from Kris Bryant. We had an article a few days ago about the potential landing spots for Kris Bryant. So check that piece out right here.


The Mets have been quite active during the 2019 Winter Meetings, signing both Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha. These two pitchers will join a rotation that has Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and Marcus Stroman already in it. The Mets are trying to change their position in the NL East standings for the 2020 season. With these additions, the Mets may arguably have the best rotation in the National League. So the Mets are going to be an interesting club to watch going forward.


The Atlanta Braves were the team that got the offseason started. And during the Winter Meetings, they were active among the rumor mills. Atlanta is considered the most likely landing spot for Josh Donaldson, as Donaldson reportedly prefers to return to the Braves. A team that already has some of the best young talent in the game doesn’t need a ton of reinforcements. But striking the on right moves can place Atlanta once again at the top of the NL East.


The Tribe is making waves because of the potential availability of stud shortstop Francisco Lindor. Rumors of Lindor to the Dodgers are just the beginning. Corey Kluber is likely more available and at a lesser cost then that of any other big named starter on the market.


Milwaukee is in a weird and uncertain position. They have arguably one of the best players in the National League in Christian Yelich. But they are in an ever toughening division in the NL Central. The Cards and Cubs are real forces in that division. And the Cinicinnati Reds have been veery active to get back to prominence. The latest reports are that the Brewers closer (and honestly their best pitcher) Josh Hader is potentially available for the right trade. So should the Brewers receive a worthwhile deal, Hader could be on the move.


Philadelphia jumped out an made the big signing one year ago with Bryce Harper. This season they would already add to the weakest part of their team with the Zack Wheeler signing. As well as adding Didi Gregorius to sure up their infield. And clear way for a potential Jean Segura trade to boost another part of the team. The Phillies need to continue adding to their pitching staff. Philadelphia still has the fund available to keep adding to a solid team built around Harper, Rhys Hoskins, Scott Kingery, JT Realuto and of course their Ace Aaron Nola. Look for Philadelphia to get more aggressive after the Winter Meetings.


A club that no one expected to get involved in the free-agent market was the Cincinnati Reds. The Red Stockings would sign Mike Moustkas to a $64 Million deal to play second base for them. And before signing with the Phillies, the Reds were in on Didi Gregorius for their infield vacancies. Cincy is a historic franchise that has been on the losing end over the last half of the 2000’s decade. Returning to promincence in the National League is clearly on the minds of the Reds front office.

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