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Gerrit Cole has signed with the New York Yankees. After an eleven year pursuit, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman has secured his “White Whale.” So here is why this deal works for both the Yankees and Gerrit Cole. And check out our Pinstripe Plunge Report installment about this signing.


Last season the Yankees were not fully invested in the then top available pitcher Patrick Corbin because he wasn’t there main focus. The Yankees made every effort to put their best foot forward to Gerrit Cole. Gerrit Cole was the best pitcher ever to hit the free-agent market. The combination of age, ability, and timing has made Cole the$324 Million Man. Brian Cashman joked on MLB Network yesterday that Gerrit Cole was the team’s “White Whale.” And it has been an eleven-year pursuit from draft day in 2008 all the way to this signing. Gerrit Cole was always the focus, and that never wained.


As just stated, this deal is worth the record-breaking amount of $324 Million. Gerrit Cole now becomes the highest-paid pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball. Cole’s contract is the highest in terms of yearly salary ($36 Million) and total amount. When it comes to dealing with Scott Boras clients, there is a general understanding. And that understanding is that they will sign for the most money available. (Minus a few exceptions.)


There is no doubt that the New York Yankees have a storied history. And playing for the Yankees and donning the Pinstripes is something prestigious. When the Yankees want a player, they pull out all the stops. And that was made very clear when the contingent from the Yankees met with Gerrit Cole. Yankee legend Andy Pettitte was among the group that met with Gerrit. Andy Pettite spoke to Cole about the power of the Pinstripe. And about how the Yankees make the necessary moves to win. The Bronx Bombers have had one primary mission since 1973, and that’s to win. Signing Gerrit now put the Bombers as the favorite to accomplish that mission.

And since it will be spoken about, let’s throw it in here as well, Gerrit grew up a Yankees fan in Southern California. Signing with his favorite team, who gave him an offer that he rightfully deserved, makes it an easy decision to come to the Bronx. Let’s Go! The Cole Train makes its next stop in the Bronx.


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