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Kris Bryant on the Move?

During the 2019 Winter Meetings, there has been a lot of speculation about Kris Bryant being traded. And while nothing will happen until his service time grievance has an arbitrator decision. That isn’t stopping teams from inquiring about Bryant. So we’ll look at a few teams that would most benefit from acquiring Kris Bryant.

This offseason, there is a clear top position player on the market, and that’s Anthony Rendon. Following Rendon, Josh Donaldson is a more than an acceptable secondary option. And every one that will appear on this list will have an interest in them. But only two teams will be able to sign these two players. And the rest of these teams will then need to make moves to acquire a new third baseman.


At the time of this writing, the Dodgers are seen as the favorites to sign Anthony Rendon. But should something transpire that would take them out of the Rendon market, Kris Bryant would likely be the next target. The Dodgers have a very good farm system the could easily help the Cubs replenish their own system.


The Texas Rangers are in a unique position as they aren’t necessarily on the upper side of the “Win-Curve.” But they are moving into a new ballpark and will want to bring in a big name. Thus the Rangers, like the Dodgers, are in on Rendon. And much in the same way as many on this list will look to pivot away once Anthony signs. Texas bringing in a young and talented former NL MVP in Kris Bryant could boost sales and interest down in Dallas.


The Nationals are interested in bringing back their third baseman, Anthony Rendon. But with signing Stephen Strasburg to a record-setting 7 years $245 Million deal, that money just may no longer be there. And trading for a superstar like Kris Bryant who is young and can mesh well with the other young superstar, Juan Soto, down in DC can put the Nats back in as World Series favorites.


Staying in the NL East, the Braves are interested in bringing back Josh Donaldson. However, if Donaldson is seeking a multi-year deal, Atlanta may not be fond of locking up their third base position for that long. The Braves top prospect Austin Riley is a corner infielder and could benefit from a bit more seasoning. So a trade for Kris Bryant could afford the Braves that time needed for the maturation of Riley.


Last offseason, there was no team more aggressive than the Philadelphia Phillies. The signing of Bryce Harper to a 13 years $330 Million deal was a sign to the fanbase that the Phils are going for it. Philly also made some interesting decisions to non-tender contracts to Cesar Hernandez and Maikel Franco. Thus that move leaves the Phillies’ third baseman less. The Phillies have a third base prospect in Alec Bohm that could entice the Cubs to bite on this trade.

Now another interesting aspect to the Phillies trying to acquire Kris Bryant is already on the roster. It is no secret that Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant are best friends. And that leaves a potential advocate for Philadelphia. The city of Brotherly Love would embrace the “Bromance” that Harper and Kris Bryant have, and Philly has the money to keep Bryant around for some time.

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