Nats Re-Sign Stephen Strasburg

One of the two most prominent free-agent pitchers is now off the market. Stephen Strasburg has re-signed with the Washington Nationals. The deal is reportedly 7 years and $245 million, the rumored offer the Yankees gave to Gerrit Cole. Check out our video over on YouTube about that Yankee Offer. So we look at three reasons why Strasburg back to the Nats, makes perfect sense.

Nats Always Prioritize Pitching

When looking at the National’s free-agent track record, they have always emphasized pitching. Stephen Strasburg has grown from power prospect into an incredible elite ace level pitcher. The Nationals and Scott Boras (Strasburg’s agent) also have a tremendous working history. So of the two top free-agents, the Nationals had this offseason, Stephen Strasburg was always going to be the focus.

Still Not the Man in Washington

Stephen Strasburg had a lot of fanfare all throughout his career. At the start of his Major League career, Strasburg struck out 14 Pirates and was destined to be the greatest ever. But injuries would slow that process down and left that bright future somewhat in doubt. However, Stephen has matured into his ability and is now pitching like the ace everyone expected.

The other aspect of Stephen re-signing with the Nationals is that he doesn’t have to be the ace. Washington still boasts Max Scherzer, and while Strasburg is now the highest-paid pitcher, he doesn’t have to be the pitcher Washington calls on first.

NL East is Tough

Going into the 2020 season, the Washington Nationals will have stiff competition to attempt a repeat. There has not been a repeat World Series Champion since the 1999-2000 New York Yankees. Which is a testament to the strength of the sport as a whole, but I digress. The Nats are going to be the hunted by the NL East champion Atlanta Braves and the aggressive New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies.

Washington has and will continue to rely on pitching. Bringing Stephen Strasburg back into the fold gives the Nats a devastating one-two punch to counter the rest of MLB.

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