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Yankees Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas just a couple weeks away, we take a look at the New York Yankees Christmas Wishlist.

An Ace: Gerrit Cole

It’s no secret that the Yankees are interested in bringing in an ace. And the man atop that list is none other than Gerrit Cole. The New York Yankees misses out on reaching the World Series for the first time in a decade since the 1910s. And for fans of the Bronx Bombers, that is purely unacceptable. We have also seen the Yankees front office approach Gerrit Cole differently this offseason, in comparison to Patrick Corbin’s last off-season. When the Yankees want a player, they roll out the Pinstripe carpet. Including bringing in Yankee legends like Andy Pettitte to be a part of the courting process.

The courting of Gerrit Cole is similar to what it was eleven years ago for CC Sabathia. Another West Coast pitcher believed to have a West Coast bias. And while the Yankees were said to be assured that a West Coast bias doesn’t exist, it remains a concern. At least the good news is that the introductory meeting “went well,” and Cole was assured that the “money would be there.” And head over to the Laracuente Ledger Network on YouTube to check out when and where Gerrit Cole will sign.

Franchise Type Shortstop: Francisco Lindor

The Yankees have been solid at the Shortstop position perfectly over the last twenty-five years. We had Derek Jeter, likely to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, for twenty years. And Didi Gregorius smoothly take over for the last five seasons. But Didi is a free agent, and my money says he lands in Philly with Girardi. So the Yankees need a new player to grab hold of that mantle and take us forward. The in-house candidate of Gleyber Torres did an excellent job in 2019. However, I prefer we keep Gleyber at second base and DJ LeMahieu mobile.

This the Yankees can look to acquire a franchise type of player in Francisco Lindor. Now let’s be very clear, I love Lindor. I think that he has the ability to change a game on both sides of the ball on any given play. And when a talent like that is available, every conversation about his acquisition must be had by the Yankee front office. Also, as this is a wishlist, we can suggest things despite their likely low level of probability. Bringing in the switch-hitting Francisco Lindor also helps balance the Yankees righty-heavy lineup.

Ultimate Prize: World Series Victory

When it comes to the New York Yankees, there is only one goal that is mandated by the organization, WIN. Ever since 1973, when George M Steinbrenner became the owner of the illustrious franchise, the goal has been winning the World Series. And even now that is what fans and players that don the Pinstripes expect. The decade is merely days away from its completion, and the Yankees are void of championships. And that is simply unacceptable. The Boss would make head roll for this drought.

Thus with Hal now at the helm, the frugal nature that’s become his staple must now be abandoned. Winning must once again become the focus and the only goal. Forget the luxury tax penalty! Don’t worry about the lost draft pick and pool money! Erase the idea of not having a $200 Million payroll! And focus on the one thing that the Boss, Mr. Steinbrenner,  DEMANDED, and that’s WIN!!!

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