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3 Takeaways from WWE Survivor Series Weekend

This past weekend the WWE held its annual Thanksgiving week tradition known as Survivor Series. This weekend would also include the third yearly NXT War Games event. So with that in mind, we look at Three Takeaways from WWE Survivor Series weekend.

NXT is the A Brand

If you’ve watched the WWE product, then you know that NXT has produced the best and highest caliber show. And if you were unsure or unaware, then all you needed to do was look at this weekend’s events. NXT Takeover War Game put on one high-quality match after another leading to a jaw-dropping War Games main event. From the surprise additional of Kevin Owens to Team Ciampa to the opening moments of the kickoff revealing an attack to Mia Yim. The night was filled with intrigue, drama, and incredible action. NXT then carried that over onto Survivor Series by claiming the most brand victories. So bottom line if you haven’t been watching NXT, then get to it.

Adam Cole is WWE’s Future, Noth Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns

Now let me begin by saying that I’m not here to bash Rollins or Reigns. But as the faces of their respective brands, they are the direct opposition to NXT’s Adam Cole (BAY, BAY). Cole puts on an insane performance in each of the War Games matches. And none bigger than the fall off the cage through the two tables in the ring. Adam Cole would then wrestle in a classic match against Pete Dunne for the NXT Championship. Cole is the new standard in WWE stardom.

Solid Show Overall

Over the last several years, Survivor Series has lost some of the luster that was once its staple. This year’s event was a good show. There were many matches that elevated each Superstar in the match. From matches like each of the Triple Threat Champions matches to the aforementioned NXT Championship match there was something for everyone.

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