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CM Punk Returns to WWE…Sorta

This week the wrestling world was thrown the biggest curveball when CM Punk returned to pro wrestling. And the adage of “Never say Never” continues to ring true as CM Punk is under the WWE banner, in a way, as a studio analyst for Fox. So for this piece, we will look at some potential matchup ideas if CM Punk would return to the ring. And for more on CM Punk check out the Laracuente Ledger Network on YouTube on Thursday, November 21, 2019, for a spotlight on The Best in the World, CM Punk.

From Raw- AJ Styles

Let’s start with an easy and obvious candidate for CM Punk’s in-ring return. The real Best in the World versus the Phenomenal One. CM Punk versus AJ Styles would be an instant draw and a new match for the WWE audience. The clashing yet similar styles would compliment each other very well. The feud could be built up slowly and culminate at WrestleMania 36. Having Styles and the OC come into the studio and berate Punk over his UFC experiment could be the catalyst to drive Punk to show the world that he’s still the best in the squared circle. Adding CM Punk to any WWE pay-per-view card would make it an instant sellout. And WWE is going to want to sell out everything.

From Smackdown- The Fiend

As we have seen over the last several months, The Fiend has attacked several WWE legends. And as Punk is a member of the WWE Alumni page, he qualifies as a legend. And we can have Punk in the studio for Fox and The Fiend show assault Punk. Thus prompting Punk to lace up the boots once again. Taking the two most interesting WWE characters in years and facing them off is always a recipe for success. So The Fiend versus CM Punk is a worthwhile return feud.

From NXT- Adam Cole

The current NXT Champion, Adam Cole, is one of the best Superstars that WWE has to boast about in their ranks. And when you look at the stylistic similarities to a young CM Punk, Cole makes for a great opponent for Punk’s return. As the boasted pupil of Triple H’s (at the present moment), Cole’s battle with Punk can come as a response to the years of negative commentary by Punk against Hunter.

Vince McMahon’s Punishment Option- Shane McMahon

If WWE had their way and was able to control Punk’s in-ring return, they would have Punk job out to Shane McMahon. We would put “Best in the World” versus “Best in the World.” And if it were anyone else, that would be an easy way to book a feud. But only if that moniker went to someone deserving and worthwhile. CM Punk versus Shane McMahon would be a waste of Punk’s in-ring return. But it’s a move that I can easily see WWE and Vince McMahon pitching to Punk. Thankfully, any in-ring return feud, you would have to believe, CM Punk would have a significant say in it’s booking and presentation. And it’s highly unlikely that Punk would sign off on such a lackluster idea.

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