MLB MVP Picked by Ledger

The three finalist nominees for all of the MLB Awards were announced, including the MVP. Those awards will be announced this week. So with that in mind, the Laracuente Ledger tosses in their unofficial ballot for the 2019 MLB MVP winners. And check out our picks for Rookie, Manager of the Year’s and Cy Young as well.

NL MVP Nominees

Cody Bellinger

Anthony Rendon

Christian Yelich

Ledger Picks: Cody Bellinger – Los Angeles Dodgers

There is a commercial on TV, where Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich are playing a game of “MVP” (an offshoot of schoolyard game of horse.) And the 2019 season had life imitating art and Bellinger, and Yelich would battle all season. Both outfielders would compete all season long. However, there is one thing that truly separates Cody Bellinger, in my opinion, and its games played. Cody played in 156 while Yelich, because of injuries, was lited to 130 games.

During those 156 games, Cody would hit 47 homers, drive in 115, steal 15, and slash .305/.406/.629. Add in that fact that Cody had a National League-leading 351 Total Bases, an OPS+ of 169, and a WAR of 9 just for good measure. And this makes Cody Bellinger the right selection.

Estimated Actual Winner: Christian Yelich

Christian Yelich is likely going to win the NL MVP award this season. And his numbers definitely warrant such an honor. The BBWAA will probably overlook the last few weeks of the regular season lost to a horrific knee injury. But the early season missed time coupled with the premature end to the season, and Bellinger should win the NL MVP.

AL MVP Nominees

Alex Bregman

Marcus Semien

Mike Trout

Side Note:

Marcus Semien had a very good season. Semien played in all 162 games for the Oakland A’s, hitting 33 home runs and driving in 92 RBIs. However, the candidate that’s should have been the third finalist for the AL MVP award is the New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu. DJ would be the rock in an ever injury deprived Yankee lineup in 2019. Just a personal bias sidenote.

Ledger Picks: Mike Trout- Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Now my American League choice is in direct contradiction of my reasoning for selecting Cody Bellinger in the National League. Mike Trout, despite playing in only 134 games, Trout put up an American League-leading OPS+ of 185. Trout would have a WAR of 8.3 and a league-best .438 On Base Percentage and .645 Slugging Percentage.

Let’s be clear, this is a personal pick, and everyone values different metrics higher than others. And I am a believer in Mike Trout for MVP every season. And this season is no different, but sadly with the missed time, Trout is unlikely to win the award this season.

Estimated Actual Winner: Alex Bregman