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Yankees Need Pitching Coach, Bring In David Cone

After nine seasons in the Bronx, Yankees Pitching Coach, Larry Rothschild, was relieved of his duties as pitching coach. So with the vacancy, there is one name that should be at the top of the list, David Cone.

In Tune with the Numbers

If you’ve heard any Yankees broadcast that David Cone has worked over the last several years, you have undoubted heard about analytics. Coney has a genuine drive when it comes to looking at analytics and discusses different sabermetric statistics that pitchers could (& should) be employing. In the Yankees’ search for a new pitching coach, analytics and the understanding and application of those numbers will be job requirements, not suggestions. David Cone is a student of the game, and having access to the Yankees plethora of sabermetrics information will only aid the former Yankee Right-Hander.


As just stated, David Cone used to pitch for the Yankees from 1995-2000. Over that time, Cone would produce an ERA of 3.91 with a record of 64-40. David would also pitch to an ERA+ of 118 during that stretch with two All-Star selections and three Top 10 AL Cy Young finishes. Now add in the fact that Coney has been one of the color commentators for the YES Network, and you have a pitching guru whose well versed on the team.

During those ball games that David Cone is in the booth, he is speaking the viewers through the pitching process and explaining in laymen terms what the mental process should be for the man on the mound. Cone understands the game, Cone is someone who was able to have a very good Major League career.

Personal Bias

Personally, I love David Cone. Listening to David in the booth alongside literally any and all of the YES Network commentary team is a joy. The passion the Coney has for the game of baseball (and specifically pitching) radiates through the television screen. The Yankees need to move in a different direction from Larry Rothschild. And for my money, there is no better candidate than David Cone. And this isn’t the first time I make a push for Coney as the Yankees Pitching Coach. As on March 14th, an article entitled “Case for New Yankees Pitching Coach, David Cone” was published.