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3 Takeaways from Yankees 2019 PostSeason

The Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs in devastating fashion on Saturday night. This loss would ensure the Yankees World Series decade appearance streak would end. And while there were definitely low points, there were also positives from the Yankees postseason. So for this piece, we examine a few takeaways from the Yankees 2019 PostSeason.

Gleyber is a Superstar

Despite an overall anemic offense during the ALCS, two men stood out offensively, one of which was Gleyber Torres. The 2019 season for the Bronx Bombers was beseeched by injuries all season long. And player after player went down for the Bombers. Gleyber Torres, however, remained relatively healthy all season long. Torres would end the season with a team-high 38 home runs with a .278/.337/.535 regular season slash line. And that would be just the starting point as in the playoffs, Torres would slash .324/.375/.703 with 3 home runs.

CC Gaves Us Everything, Literally

In one of the saddest and most gut-wrenching moments this season on the baseball field, CC Sabathia threw his last pitch. CC Sabathia was being used in a bullpen role during the ALCS, and during the 8th inning of Game 4, CC would deliver the final pitch of his career injuring himself. The outpouring of emotion from teammates, coaches, fans, and media members added to the gut-punching feeling. No emotional outpour was more heartfelt than that of CC’s former manager, Joe Girardi. And we’ve already penned our thoughts on CC as a Hall of Famer.

Channeling The Boss

This offseason, the Yankees must make some necessary changes. Changes that aren’t based necessarily on wild overreactions but based on genuine internal reflection. The Bronx Bombers offense faltered during the ALCS without a doubt. However, the overuse of the bullpen is what was the ultimate undoing of this team this season. This offseason, the Yankees need to channel their inner spirit animal, aka The Boss George Steinbrenner. The Yankees must pursue the two top-flight starters that will be available on the market. (Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg.) And in that pursuit, the Yankees CAN NOT afford to be outbid.

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