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Previewing Yankees, AKA the 103 Wins Underdogs

With the ALDS series starting this Friday, the Yankees are already being counted out. And an article in The Athletic (subscription required) had all of their baseball writers making their predictions for the outcome of the playoffs. And everyone had the Houston Astros winning it all. So despite a 103 win season, the New York Yankees are going in as the Underdogs. So we preview the Yankees post-season series.

Counted Out at the Deadline

The New York Yankees have faced the highest level of adversity on their way to a 103 win season. A plethora of injuries to nearly all of their best players at one point or another season. The Yankees have been counted out as of the World Series since the single trading deadline of July 31st. When the Astros acquired Zack Greinke at the deadline, everyone seeming wrote off the rest of Major League Baseball in favor of the ‘Stros.

History with the Twin Cities

The New York Yankees have faced off against the Minnesota Twins in the playoffs several times. And throughout those matchups, the Yankees have dominated. This season is the Yankees played six games against the Twins and took four of those contests. If the Yankees can maintain their stronghold of Minnesota, the Bronx Bombers will advance to the ALCS.

Extending the Streak

This season has historic implications for the New York Yankees. The Yanks currently maintain a streak of an unprecedented nature. Starting in the 1920s, every decade the Yankees reached the World Series. And this decade of 2010 through 2019 would represent the Yank’s last opportunity to reach the World Series.

Our Prediction

When it comes to making predictions in baseball, it’s a difficult task, and there are no guarantees. But on there is a bracket that you can fill out with your predictions. Below are the prediction bracket and our predictions.

As one would expect, we have selected the Yankees as our 2019 World Series winners. But we want to know from all of you, who wins the 2019 World Series?

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