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2 Must-Watch Items in Final MLB Regular Season Weekend

The regular season will end this Sunday for MLB. And while all the divisions are locked up. The Wild Card races are heating up. So this final weekend we look into two must-watch items.

Where will the WildCards Games be Played?

As of this writing, the AL wild-card is three teams deep, with both Oakland and Washington holding single-game leads for the first WildCard spots. And in the AL the Cleveland Indians still have a fighting chance to claim a spot and overtake the Rays. Cleveland, Oakland, and Tampa have all battled to get this opportunity on this final weekend. But it may all be for naught for the winner of the AL WildCard, as they would hear to Houston to face off against the Astros.

In the NL WildCard bracket, that team faces a similar path to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The road will be difficult to overcome to win the World Series. And that path finally begins on this final MLB regular-season weekend.

Just how many Home Runs will be hit in MLB?

It has almost seemed like a joke this year, but something is different about the baseballs. No matter what MLB claims the ball is flying more (and further) than ever before. So with that increase in Home Runs records are being shattered seemingly every day. Many ball clubs have demolished their previous franchise records for team Home Runs in a single season.

As it stands right now, the Minnesota Twins have hit 300 Home Runs as a team. And the New York Yankees follow them closely at 299. These team’s eclipse the record (268) set by the Yankees just last season. The Twins have five players with over 30 Home Runs; the Yankees have fourteen players with 10+ Home Runs this season. There is something to the baseball flying this season. But we have to ask two questions about it. First, how many Homers will be hit in 2019? And secondly, is this honestly what’s best for the game? Only time will tell.

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