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3 Must-Have Yankees on Postseason Roster

The Yankees have clinched the AL East, so it’s time to start looking ahead to the Postseason and its roster. So for this piece, we will look at three members (outside of the regulars) of the New York Yankees that must make the Postseason roster. And be sure to check out the latest installment of the Pinstripe Plunge Report, Yankees Clinch AL East.


So we begin with the man that was honored yesterday, CC Sabathia. CC has been a massive part of the Yankees roster since his free-agent signing ahead of the 2009 season. This is CC’s final season in Major League Baseball, and the big man has earned a level of respect. Now it goes beyond respect because it’s about winning ballgames. CC has an excellent pedigree in Postseason play, and it’s for that level of expertise that the Yankees MUST put the sure-fire Hall of Famer on the post-season roster.


The Yankees have spent many years trying to develop their version of Ben Zobrist. And many attempts have failed in the past, but they may now have that in Tyler Wade. It has not been an easy road for Tyler Wade to develop that incredibly difficult talent. But Wade has seemed to turn the corner and started hitting to match his highly efficient glove. Tyler Wade provides something different to the rest of the potential “utility” players the Yankees could consider for the roster. Tyler Wade’s speed is the X-factor in why he MUST be on the postseason roster.


Arguably the most controversial member of the Yankees organizations Clint Frazier. There are usually two camps when in come to Clint, either you love him, or you hate him. (Personally, I fall into the former. I believe he can be a game-altering talent.) Adding Clint to the poster season roster adds a level of security to the Bronx Bombers roster. And it also allows the young outfielder to produce on a big stage when the opportunity presents itself to him. Clint’s “lightning” bat speed can play a significant role late in games for a team poised for World Series contention.

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