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3 AL Manager of the Year Candidates

Major League Baseball’s regular season is coming to a close. And with that comes a time of reflection and projection towards the MLB Playoffs. But for this list, we will examine three candidates for Manager of the Year.

Candidate #1: Aaron Boone- New York Yankees

I’ll begin close to home with the manager of the New York Yankees, Aaron Boone. Aaron Boone (in my opinion) should be the manager of the year. But not for being the Yankees manager. This goes beyond favorite team bias; this is purely looking at the job that has been done this season. The sheer number of injuries that the Yankees have suffered this season is unlike anything we have witnessed in the game. Players left, and right are dropping like members of Thanos army after Tony Stark’s snapped.

Yet, somehow the Yankees have maintained dominant control over the AL East. And the Yanks are locked in a battle with the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers for the best record in MLB. Aaron Boone is a lock to be considered a finalist in AL Manager of the Year voting. But again, Boone should walk away as the victor following this incredible campaign.

Candidate #2: Bob Melvin- Oakland Athletics

Over the last few seasons, Bob Melvin has done an unbelievable job with Oakland Athletics. The A’s over the past two seasons have won 188 games (97 in 2018/ 91 currently). This is impressive because Oakland still maintains one of the lower payrolls in the game. And the A’s themselves were once dubbed the “Land of Misfit Toys,” and they still have that same feel┬áto this day. So once again, Bob Melvin is a prime candidate for AL Manager of the Year.

Candidate #3: Rocco Baldelli- Minnesota Twins

The breakout team of the season has undoubtedly been the Minnesota Twins and by extension their manager Rocco Baldelli. Minnesota has surprised everyone with their power output this season. Minnesota shattered the single-season team home run record, set just one year ago by the Yankees. Last night the Twins also broke another MLB record by having five players hit 30+ home runs in a single season. This display comes from a different culture established with the manager in Rocco Baldelli.

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