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3 Takeaways from WWE Clash of Champions

Last night WWE Clash of Champions aired on the WWE Network. There were some buildup and anticipation for certain matchups. So we look at three takeaways from Clash of Champions.

Luke Harper Returns

Last night we would see the return of Luke Harper to WWE TV. Harper would assist his tag team partner Erick Rowan in defeating Roman Reigns. Erick Rowan was booked as the “mastermind” behind the attempted assaults of Roman Reigns. And while many people discounted Rowan as genuinely being the mind behind the attacks, the repairing with Harper serves this story a more defined direction. Harper and Rowan had been connected to one another since their debuts alongside Bray Wyatt several years ago. The reformation of this tag-team lends itself to many different opportunities. Especially when you begin with the assault of WWE golden boy Roman Reigns.

Becky vs. Banks Blunder

Now for as well done as the return of Luke Harper was at Clash of Champions the same can not be said for the Raw Women’s Champions match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. When thinking about the logical outcome of this match, there was never going to be a clean finish. Becky Lynch isn’t he cover star of WWE 2K20 and with that comes the necessity of remaining Champion. Add in also that despite an incredibly strong return from The Boss, it was too soon to place the Raw Women’s Championship on the returning Banks. (Even though we said she should walk away with the Championship on our Must-Win article.) And the match itself between Banks and Lynch was very good and well put together. Both Sasha and Becky are two of the very best to step in the squared circle for WWE. The issue is the sloppy and unclear nature of the finish.

The Fiend

Simply put the best thing in WWE is Bray Wyatt and The Fiend. When the Firefly Fun House debuted, it was strange and eerie. It was like a demented episode of Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues. And with every episode of the Fun House adding to the intrigue and spine-tingling sentiment. Then we saw the debut of The Fiend, and with that debut, all of the “fireflies” prayers were answered. Once again, Bray Wyatt reinvented his character into something we could grab hold of and cheer. Wyatt’s original gimmick was great until WWE meddled with it and changed the feeling of the character. With all reports that Wyatt is the mastermind behind the Fun House and The Fiend, we are finally being given a character to take hold of the mantle left by the Undertaker.

The Fiend’s attack on a victorious Seth Rollins at the close of Clash of Champions received the biggest pop of the night. And if booked correctly The Fiend and Bray Wyatt can elevate WWE in a way that hasn’t been done in quite some time. And I, for one love this character and the potential for something even more significant. The Fiend as WWE Universal Champion would change the landscape of WWE. And it’s a landscape that needed reinvention. With the launching of AEW on TNT in just a couple of weeks, WWE will need The Fiend to capture the minds and imaginations of the WWE Universe.

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